Puella Magi Madoka Magica 03: Reality

Charlotte! How cute for a witch.

In this anime, reality is never oriented.
As a note, I know that episodes 4 and now 5 are out but I feel that it would be better to do this as two separate posts than a 3+4 combined. I’ll be churning out some more today as I didn’t post anything yesterday due to Chinese New Years. Happy Chinese New Year by the way.


I thought it would be more of the same (Yumekui Merry! *shakes fist*) but it most definitely is not.
This episode begins with Sayaka visiting a boy, perhaps the one that will be the focus of her wish. It is at this hospital that a grief seed is found and a barrier is formed and a witch is let loose. With the barrier set in place, Mami is called for where by she starts annihilating the opposition. After defeating the minions she easily kills the witch…which turns out to be her downfall. Mami loses her life, right after Madoka brightens her day by agreeing to join her, and Akemi comes to save the day and claim the seed.
A very sad end, a full climax and denouement.

Charlotte was a jack in the box!

I was a bit apprehensive about the third episode. In my opinion, this episode separates the good from the bad. If it is already stagnant at this episode, a la Merry, then it may not be worth pursuing. This being said, Madoka Magica pulls through with the help of an expediting plot.
A character that I assumed would stay till the end, whether she turned out to be evil or incapacitated, died. In a New York minute no less. Not only that but we are also treated to background for Sayaka as well as Madoka. A split peak at Akemi’s magical powers is also shown.
A very full episode indeed.

I spy a waffle!

The settings still hold their ground. In this episode, we spend a longer time in the witches realm. This makes for less of a contrasting image but it allows SHAFT to work to their strengths.
The monsters, while not exactly original (blobs of blackness), are given character. Things like mouths and multi-coloured speckles help to distinguish the different varieties of familiars.
I feel like I’m bashing on Yumekui Merry a lot but if you’re going to have a repetitive instance, in this case fighting witches/dream demons every episode, you need to spice it up. Every witch has a very unique quirk and each realm requires the protagonist to travel through them. I think this is handled very well because you are forced to follow their pace which allows for them to showcase amazing set-piece moments.

What is this... I don't even.


The world is crafted with a distinct dystopian/utopian image in mind. Even the disk player has its own flavour.


Akemi seems to use explosions as a power. Matches her personality at least.

From elegant ass kicking to gruesome death.



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