Beelzebub EP 3: “Are There Any Strong Evil Bastards Here?”

A true Legendary Delinquent he is. (:

Now, just to clarify; sarcasm may be hard to detect through the internet since you cannot hear my tone of voice so just letting you know, I will be using <sarcasm> in my Beelzebub posts so that you’ll be able to tell whether I’m being sarcastic or not. The above caption is obviously sarcasm, as you can see from the subtitles.

*Note: Due to Chinese New Year and my brother stealing my laptop, I was unable post much. Beelzebub ep 4+5 will be merged together as ep 5 will probably be released tomorrow.

Summary: The usual legendary and infamous narration about a barbaric, ruthless, defiant demon-like bastard who thought nothing of his fellow man. (AKA. Oga Tatsumi)

Followed by the usual lecture on how to take care of Beelzebub and the classic scolding session:

Tatsumi: Milk those udders of yours?
Hilda: *scolds* It is powered milk suitable for royalty.
Tatsumi: HEH! So your boobs are all dried up?
Hilda: -glare- *scolds*


*revamped version of Hilda’s introduction (Alaindelon style)*
@ Furuichi’s house. This time, we got to see Alaindelon not Hilda, parodying the scene where Hilda had first been introduced to Takumi’s family. Consider this situation deeply.
Rather than the ‘normal’ “I got this girl pregnant and so we had a child together. Now she’s introducing herself to live in our house … not that I want her to.”
Furuichi’s situation, Alaindelon style: “I ‘womanised’ this big macho guy in pink boxers with hot, burning passion and so now he cannot leave me alone and asking for your permission to stay with us. Not that I want him to and yes, I am Gay.”

Poor Furuichi, Alaindelon’s intentions were only to watch over Beelzebub without over-crowding the Oga Household … and to not DISTURB them ~ Ehe  ♪  and also that there was no other choice but to do so.

Continuing onwards, Beelzebub is beginning to get hungry and baka Tatsumi left his food on the side of the road. Alaindelon attempts to “milk” his… “breasts” and Furuichi obviously objects, but gets mistaken to ‘take up the challenge’ and thus ‘milked’ by Alaindelon.

Furuichi: WHY ISN’T HILDA-SAN HERE WHEN WE NEED HER !?   *pervert thoughts intended*

Hilda's ... *censored*

Tatsumi finally finds something like milk in the Vending Machine corner, beats up some guys who were gonna buy out the Yogurty drink and gets the idea of handing Beels over to a more barbaric, strong and ruthless person than he himself (so that he can get rid of the baby). Thus looking for Kanzaki-kun.

Tatsumi: What do I want? Well, I…
*inside thoughts of Oga Tatsumi*
Wait. How should I go about this? I can’t just be all “Here, have this baby!”

The reliable though cowardly accomplice decides to be polite and offers their “services” to Kanzaki, as a little lead to get closer and dump the baby on him. However, Beelzebub dislikes Kanzaki after he pats him on the head and so Oga ‘cleans up the trash’.

After being electrocuted by the Demon Lord, comes the great
Words of Wisdom:


Blabberings: Beelzebub xDD !!! Oh, how much I love the sarcasm ♥  LOL This episode of Beelzebub is intended to get your perverted thoughts running. So be aware. [[ Note: The pic above of Hilda’s “breasts” is actually her shoulder :L they’re clever aren’t they? ]]

Yes, I am aware that ep 4 is already out and ep 5 is soon to be out in 2 days, so I will probably merge the two together (then again, the post will be pretty long too…)

On the next Beelzebub:
“There Is 1 Second Before the Demon Lord’s Floods Burst Forth”



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4 Responses to Beelzebub EP 3: “Are There Any Strong Evil Bastards Here?”

  1. jacqivarius says:

    I feel a bit bad for Furuichi. He gets stuck with all the weird characters.

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