Puella Magi Madoka Magica 04: A New Challenger Approaches!

A bit of a spoiler but Mr. Violinist can move his fingers again.

This time! On Puella Magi Mado… let’s leave it at Puella Magi from now on.

A tad bittersweet, for a wish you lose your identity.

Mitakihara City is now without its guardian. Mami has perished at the hands of the witch Catherine as a result of her own giddiness. Madoka is terrified at the prospect of becoming a Magical Girl as is Sayaka. Fortunately the story could not progress without a heroine with a noble outlook. With Madoka completely paralyzed, it’s up to Sayaka to pick up some slack.
Sayaka’s wish was to save her friend’s hands. The skilled violinist. Doctors told him that he could not be cured with the modern medicine of today. Of course, this is magic and he has a rather devilish look on his face.
On top of this, a new Magical Girl has come to the city. What was previously Mami’s territory could be taken over by this new character but Sayaka recently took the job. It’s a vast area to cover and new girl doesn’t like a newb taking it for herself.

A violent looking girl. Yankee?

I feel tired of saying how amazing the art direction is. This episode is no exception. Trippy… to say the least. Last episode the scenery was filled with jars of… waffles and such. Television sets depicting Mami’s death fill the background now. A bit morbid for an equally morbid episode.
On a side note, why is it that the seemingly “good” characters are always evil. Check evil face up top.

Religious cult. Figures.

Individuals seeking salvation to a better life.. Religious cult time! I’m guessing that this will play a part in the future episodes; with this girl being their very close friend and all.
I wonder if anything would surprise me. I’m in a need of a few thrills.
Anyone want to bet that Kamijou Kyousuke is going to become an insane bastard? He has regained the dexterity of his hands! Time to do evil again!

Ugh. There may not have been much action in this episode but it's really creepy nonetheless.

I think that while each netherworld is disturbing in its own right, Madoka’s inability to cope makes it that much worse. In this episode she’s pulled apart literally at the seams. Imagine viewing through the death of someone you cared for. Now, imagine seeing it again. And again. And again. All this while your atoms are being split one by one, little green men tearing you apart as you are mentally ravaged as well.
This is some nasty stuff.

Architecture is still nice though.


What do you see? I'm beginning to think that Kyubey is one evil magical creature. It doesn't care about the Magical Girls. Changing them out like lightbulbs.


Sayaka is looking dapper today. Like a knight! She even has a sabre.



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3 Responses to Puella Magi Madoka Magica 04: A New Challenger Approaches!

  1. Kyubey is beginning to creep me out…and poor Mami-chan! I still can’t believe she’s gone D: THE OPENING SEQUENCE IS A LIE
    LOL >;D

  2. baka-neko says:

    … i swear that 3rd last pic you posted is creepy but its hilarious at the same time :L

  3. Yi says:

    The art is super creepy and super trippy as always. Loved it!

    I’m kind of interested in seeing what Kyoko would bring.

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