Kore wa Zombie desu ka? EP 3: Yes, I Have Twintails

I’m beginning to think that nowadays, in anime, Mahjong plays a very necessary part. The creators must love Mahjong, just like my parents do (:  So asian.

Summary: Haruna wakes up from a dream where she was fighting her favourite pudding. She finds in the fridge the last pudding cup, but Hellscythe (AKA. Yuu) stops her and all three of them (including the vampire ninja) fight for the pudding by playing various games.

First up…Blocks? (I have no idea what you call it)

No way could you have them all lined up like that O_O

Since, not a single block could be removed, there was no winner/loser declared so moving on to the next game. Mahjong.

"Hiken Tsubamegaeshi" - everything... is about tsubamegaeshi. No Joke.

Imaginary tiles too :L In mahjong theres only supposed to be 4 of each kind (exc. flowers) and here we have 9. she doesn't even have the right amount to win :L

For now, Yuu wins but Haruna and Seraphim fight it out in Twister.

{-scene change-}

Orito, Ayumu’s best friend, tries hitting on some girls and taking them out to bowling. Rejected, he results to asking Ayumu to go with him  – “because girls are boring and it will be a hassle … so I’m doing this just outta friendship”.

At the Bowling center, the staff recommend the Masked Set lunch meal so aggressively that Ayumu…had to buy it. Orito gives him a lecture about how girls would never like such a mask. Too bad that the so called ‘girls’ just happened to be playing around with them and seemed to really like them.

While bowling, co-incidentally; Haruna, Seraphim and Yuu happen to be in the lane RIGHT NEXT to Ayumu and his friend. Orito thinks that they’re ‘highly different from your average girl/s’ and begins to have fantasies about what sort of panties they wear.

Seraphim: A model, who wears white panties due to her “pure” heart.

Haruna: Wears stripes.

Yuu: Cosplayer, who wears black thongs underneath her armour.

Ayumu tries to protect the fact that he lives with those girls,  especially without permission from the school and so that his name won’t be labeled as a Perverted Harem Bastard. However, unfortunately for Ayumu, Haruna recognises him and the other two follow, also telling Orito that they live with him. “Fantasies of the Naughty Orito” continue but to a higher extent.


Orito later takes Ayumu to see Kyoko at Furumachi Hospital, who’s also a victim of the Serial Killer that killed Ayumu. Ayumu asks her a a few questions about the killer, since apparently she saw the person, and will lead Ayumu another step further into his search on whom the murderer is.

Surprisingly, the detail she gives matches to be Hellscythe Eucliwood/Yuu.

as if this is the serial killer D:

Oh, and… while Haruna and Seraphim were playing badminton, Yuu ate the pudding cup (:

Blabberings: *GASP* SCANDAL ! D: No way can Yuu be the serial killer! She’s the one who revived Ayumu, and she has feelings but she doesn’t show much of it and she’s too kawaaii ♥ to kill anyone~  I demand an explanation!!

Other than that, I’m surprised that Ayumu didn’t have any weird fantasies in this episode.

I’m sorry for posting this one week late, and even more sorry that ep 5 will be out 7th (AKA. Tomorrow.)

Left-over Pics:



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3 Responses to Kore wa Zombie desu ka? EP 3: Yes, I Have Twintails

  1. LOL! Yeah, I remember watching this…so pervy ;P

  2. Jo says:

    The blocks = Jenga…
    you’ve never played Jenga before?? you have to go try it…friggin’ awesome (actually, not that awesome, but pretty fun. lots of laughs…)


  3. baka-neko says:

    i dunno what it was called :L
    my uncle gave me blocks/jenga in china and it just said BLOCKS on it :L

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