Puella Magi Madoka Magica 05: Resolve

Haha! I can see everything you do.

I like how colourful those binoculars are. Vibrancy excites me.

The colours are the city are gradually changing. Less of the bright blues and greens. More of the lurid reds and blacks.



The problem now lies less with the witches but with the Magical Girls themselves. Competition for the Grief Seeds is mounting now that Mami has relieved her territory. Madoka is appealing to Akemi to help out Sayaka but to no avail. The others are beginning to swarm the city. Fights break out; morals clash.

Dedication referring to the humans.

Once you are a Magical Girl, there is no turning back. You give up yourself to fulfill your one wish. Obviously, Sayaka’s wish was to bring healing and freedom to the hand of her friend. This being the case, her abilities revolve around dexterity (with blades) and regeneration. I guess this would make sense but Mami’s wish was to avoid death yet her magicks were focused on guns. From what I gathered, powers reflect the wish so shouldn’t she be incapable of dying or at least very hard to kill? Maybe her wish wasn’t to live but to live in place of another.

The monster this time. Its life was shortlived.

A conflict of morals arise during this episode. Sayaka is the knight, her goal is to save as many people as possible. Grief Seeds and such do not matter in her opinion. This new girl, Sakura Kyouko, believes in a food chain. The witches spawn familiars which eat humans to turn into witches. At the top of this chain would be the Magical Girl who hunts the witch and takes the seed.


Personally, I don’t know which would be correct. If you use up all your power to defeat the familiars then the witches will run rampant. To use your powers to only hunt witches means that you can keep the delicate balance in check but humans will die. Remember, they have limited usage of their powers so it is necessary to know when to let go.

The wild card would likely be Madoka. Kyubey said in a previous episode that she has the most potential and couldn’t imagine the size of the magical item. This could mean that Madoka can resist the taint of witches long enough to wipe out a huge group of them before restocking.

Moral Evil vs Moral Good vs Instinctual Evil.

I should sign off before I ramble further but Kyubey and Akemi must be addressed.

I’m still of the mindset that Kyubey is evil. They way that the animation studio depicts him/her is very strange. The pictures below will show that. Kyubey seems to be only interested in Magical Girls that will do good so this kind of contradicts itself, we’ll see.

Akemi, on the other hand, was originally shown as the “evil” character. But now her motives are becoming clearer. It wasn’t because of selfishness but pity. Once you make the wish, there is no turning back. It would make sense that Akemi, presumably one of the older hunters, would stop them because she seems to be strong enough to destroy large quantities of witches on her own (during the first episode she fights a gigantic witch alone).It’s possible that she knows the repercussions of having a team.

Initiation ceremony. Creepy.

Remind you of anything? *Cough* Sailor Moon.


Savior Akemi.



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11 Responses to Puella Magi Madoka Magica 05: Resolve

  1. Duqs says:

    I’m hoping that something zomg shocking happens by episode 6 like kyouko dying because she let that familiar escape.

    • Mami-chan dying in the previous episode was already shocking enough for me :( I still can’t believe the producers just allowed her to be eaten. Literally.

      But yes, more zomg shocking stuff wouldn’t hurt :)

    • While it isn’t that exactly, rest assured that there is definitely more “zomg shocking” moments coming up in this show for you.

  2. Yi says:

    I also think Kyubei is evil too. He just seems so… cold toward mahou shoujo.

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