Infinite Stratos EP 5: Boy Meets Boy!

Who would’ve thought that Maya Yamada-sensei would turn out to be a one hell of a freak when it comes to IS piloting.


Houki moves out of her old room (the one shared with Ichika) but just before she leaves, she makes a promise with him – that he’d have to go out with her if she wins the Grade Level Individuals Tournament. With IS being an all girls school (excluding Ichika), rumours quickly spread, and before long, it’s determined that the winner of the tournament will date Ichika. At the same time, another male transfer student from France, Charles Dunois, becomes Ichika’s new roommate.

Guy or girl?

Later onwards, Ichika’s class practices with Rin’s, with Chifuyu getting Rin and Alcott to fight Maya who’s in a Rapahael Revive IS, a 2nd generation IS made by Charles’s father’s corporation. Maya pwns Alcott and Rin, along with their advanced IS.

Left: Alcott, Right: Rin, Middle: Maya

Britain really does have nice food....

The next day, another transfer student from Germany named Laura Bodewig, joins the academy. Apparently, she’s a friend of Chifuyu’s. The said friend Laura, immediately walks into class and bitch slaps Ichika, stating that she will not recognise him as Chifuyu’s brother.

Such an epic slap!


I honestly think that this would be a great anime if it weren’t for the massive harem. I am pretty sure many of you would agree. Two new characters in the one episode? Woah how many more characters are there going to be?

I already like Laura Bodewig and she hasn’t done anything but slap a noob :P


My Roommate Is A Blond Gentleman.

– Kimmichan


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9 Responses to Infinite Stratos EP 5: Boy Meets Boy!

  1. Ichika doesn’t have one bit of common female sense in his body. I doubt the slap will do anything, but it was still fun to watch.
    CHARLES IS BEAUTIFUL! He must be a she, there’s just way too many signs pointing to that.
    I would agree that this anime would be better without the harem, but that way it’s just a regular mecha anime. I guess it’s trying to attempt something that hasn’t been seen the past seasons. I would say that this anime would work, even with the harem, if it was less cliched and added some more interesting elements. Also if they make the main male character more useful and/or his IS more epic.

    • Agreed. Ichika’s IS suit is plain ugly…along with the rest.
      And yes! I swear, Charles must be a girl! Slash cross dresser. He’s way too feminine looking – definitely doesn’t look like he’ll be much of a pimp. The girls would probably all still stick to Ichika…

  2. Kimmichan says:

    I hope they are done introducing more characters…
    It actually isn’t a bad anime, just the harem is a little bit much and yes the IS are absolutely horrible looking even though I have said that over a 100 times. The storyline is little bit slow but it’s improving.

  3. Kimmichan says:

    He looks like a chick!

  4. texasroper says:

    Do you all want Ichika to be like Makoto from School days? A heartless person who only cares about getting into the girls’ pants every time he sees them.

  5. It’s official! Charles is a girl!
    Like we never saw that coming.

  6. Kimmichan says:

    I actually like Ichika I don’t want him unlike Makoto who was just an asshole and deserved to die.

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