Starry Sky Ep 7 (Aries I)/ Starry Sky Turns Supernatural? o_o

LE GASP!!! :O Starry Sky is turning SUPERNATURAL NOW!!!
…Well, it’s not that exaggerated -___-” However, this time’s love interest has the power to forsee the future. Anyhow…ALL HAIL AWESOME ORE-SAMA/ FUTURE-SEEING SHIRANUI KAZUKI!!! xD

Kazuki...resting on a ram...I supposed it fits his zodiac sign?


Like nearly all interests, this episode starts out with a flashback involving them one way or another. Well, Kazuki’s flashbacks were to when he felt something strange” about his parents.

Not known to him, it was his power to see the future bewaring him of their deaths (o_o). Following that, was Kazuki’s bawling and “I hate this power” rampage. But his grandfather goes all Yoda advises Kazuki to “learn to control the force this power to protect the ones you love”.

Yoda indeed~

Kazuki then gets into fights to hide the fact that he’s weak (spitting image of Kanata -___-) and one day, meets Tsukiko who stops one of his fights. With the help of Tsukiko, Kazuki realizes his weakness and the such…Later onwards, Kazuki makes friends with  Suzuya and Kanata (Tsukiko’s little trio).

From left to right: Tsukiko, Kanata, Suzuya, Kazuki

BUT Kazuki later regrets making friends with Tsukiko cause…she got locked in a warehouse (it never really explained what happened, just that Kazuki found her in a storage house) for being close with him.

Kazuki decides to leave Tsukiko to protect her…and he basically wants Tsukiko to forget her.

Thats the closest touch so far...Yoh doesn't count cause he's a douchebag

Kazuki is lonely again and listens to oh faithful Yoda advice his grandfather and attends Seigatsu Academy (preferably known to me as Tsukiko’s school) to “learn about his power”. But even at Seigatsu Academy, he still doesn’t get it…The episode ends with Kazuki learning from Yoda his grandfather to make a promise and target.


Kazuki freaked me out a bit…literally. His little “power” just gave a twist to the whole anime…and I still need to analyze if that twist is good or bad.

Another thing is that Kazuki met alot of people this episode. I remember that they also showed Tsubasa’s grandfather as well and he did say something about him being familiar… I’ll just see how this goes…

Like every other Starry Sky (yes, except the first one), Oresama I shall give you: KAZUKI PIC SPAM!!! :D


His b-day is in April~

Cute gameplay scene~ fuwa fuwa~

Next episode preview:

Next episode is called “Aries II” and continues Kazuki’s story. I’ve finally got a good screenshot of the next ep BUT…its basically the same as the ep 7 preview… it just says “To be continued” instead of “Next Episode”. Instead, I’m gonna give you the ending credit scene of Kazuki (I find it more alluring :D)

Yep, way more alluring xD

Until next time!


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6 Responses to Starry Sky Ep 7 (Aries I)/ Starry Sky Turns Supernatural? o_o

  1. sakuraxxyume says:

    I just noticed…this post is the 100th post…Yay?

  2. jacqivarius says:

    Can we conquer the world now? I’m getting a bit impatient.

    • baka-neko says:

      we all are.

      serenata is the only “PATIENT” one. :L

      • HEY . Whadya mean by that? I’m the one pulling all the world domination/conquering strings over here. Right behind the scenes >;D And rest assured, we’re definitely making progress. I’ll post up an UPDATE soon…it’ll have all the details, such as our collabs…feedbacks…blogroll and the such. Wait till then ~

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