Fractale 04: Love and Hate

It’s weird how the church and the Lost Millennium are the bad guys. Where is the black and white?! I hate moral greyness.

I’ll see how many people get the reference. If you do, then you can be my hero.

A tad like a pouting puppy. Clain is kind of cute I guess.

Phyrne is back. Stuff goes down. Huge gun fight ensues. Let us continue! Okay, okay. Let’s be a bit serious about this shall we?
So, last episode, Phyrne shows up again. She appears to be an asset to the Lost Millennium until she starts preaching and continuing the uploading of data.While this is happening, the terrorist group (LM) proceeds to move up on the platform. They “kidnap” Phyrne just as Clain was about to take her away.
On the ship, it appears that Nessa and Phyrne don’t get along very well. Phyrne hates love while Nessa loves love. Clain gets a good slapping for opening the data without regard to Phyrne’s desires. Before any drama happens, the church sends in their own military force to flush out the LM. Again, more fighting as Clain and Phyrne argue about their teenage feelings and such. In the end, to avoid capture by the church, Phyrne jumps about the LM ship and flies away with Clain.
Nessa is left behind to the chagrin of Clain. Maybe Phyrne is the problem.

That's right Nessa! Phyrne is a bitch.

This is a very filled episode. The most important bits being the short dialogue scenes between Clain and Phyrne. Their conversations revolve around the fact that Phyrne dislikes Fractale and love. It should be apparent at this point that Clain is enamored by Phryne. At one point, he even leaves Nessa stranded alone in pursuit of Phyrne. Anyways, I find it strange that Phyrne hates love and the Fractale system both. The system allows for minimal contact with other humans thus less love. It’s a paradox.
She seems to be integral to both the church and LM. Their ploy requires Phyrne as she is a key. I’m guessing that she possesses data (Nessa?) that can alter the Fractale system. Both parties maim and kill innocent civilians in their quest. Neither holds the moral high ground as Clain immediately finds out. The only difference between the two is that Sunda seems to be a nice guy if you aren’t his enemy, the church is just another selfish fascist dictatorship.

Propaganda machine. They should call up Goebbels and have a nice chat.

For some reason whenever I see the chuch, I think of the Fascists. What they’re doing is predominately brainwashing. Literally as the data transfer is a means of whipping the memories of their subjects. They want complete reign over the world and will fight, with robots and airships, for their skewed sense of justice.
I have to admit though, the vehicle scenes are pretty darn cool. Phyrne can pilot like an ace and the airships have bright lasers and missles which makes for a nice light show. Coupled with the detailed backgrounds, it’s just that much more enjoyable.
I never have enough room to continuing ranting. Musty murlocks.



Lies and Slander.


Pew pew pew.




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