Level E 04: Audacity

This anime confuses me.

This anime is chalk-full of surprises.

Having read my last post on this anime, I’m sure you know what’s coming.

Opting for freaky and decaying red.


This episode consists of one short story. Someone has been kidnapping girls from a highschool and a few of the students find out. They consult an “expert” on the matter and pay large sums of money for investigation as one by one the students in the know disappear. Of course, the kidnapper is a male alien; one that feasts on women to procreate. However, their urges are unabated as human women do not relieve them.

This is a very strange episode. I don’t get any of the comedy from the previous episodes in this one. It’s quite dark in actuality. The home world of the aliens was destroyed due to civil war. What likely happened was that the aliens developed feelings of fondness for their women which they have been consuming and are few and far between. The three aliens left have crashed on Earth and are living in extreme guilt.

The camera usage is very good as well. It has the classic shaky camera, decent amounts of close-ups, and discolouration. This artistic take is still foreign to this genre. They even change the style of the animation. This has much bolder lines which accentuates the… carnage. Never does this anime cease to surprise me.

Blaargh. Flesh.

Now, you and I both know that this is all fake. It’s trickery made by the prince in an attempt to sell a movie to the humans.

I have to wonder if this is going to happen every episode. It’s EXTREMELY enjoyable to be honest. An intelligent take on the genre. They have such freedom to do whatever they want. While this is a more serious story, they do leak a bit of the funny here and there. Maybe they’ll do an episode complete with a parody of other anime. How I love the Japanese sense of humour when it comes to that. Gintama style.

However, I would like for the next episode to involve the main cast but another one like this is fine. A cool concept.

Bong smoking consultant.

Level E perhaps?




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