Yumekui Merry 05: Play


Yumekui Merry, back on track.

Merry fiddling with her hat! Cute.


The angel makes a return and she has a vessel with her.

While on a small shopping trip, Yumeji and Merry encounter a girl by the name of Yui. This girl is in cahoots with the angel dream demon affectionately called Play. With her image being a knight-like cherub, it’s was always likely that she would become a “good” person. Her goal is to eliminate all other dream demons in revenge for her sister who was eliminated herself.

A tad pompous for my liking.

The general feeling I get from media these days is that a singular plot line is non-existent. There always must be a grey instead of the black and white moral choices. Stories, told from the perspective of more than one character is now becoming more apparent. In this case, it would be Play versus Merry’s ideals.

Play divulges that when a dream demon enters the human world, they cannot go back. When they die, they are not sent back but annihilated. Upon hearing this, Merry is completely stunned. It has been her mission for ten years to return to the other world. In her dazed state, Play almost deals a killing blow but Yumeji finally does something heroic and takes it for her.

Explosive power from Play.

Now that she has met Yumeji, her view of humans and of life has completely changed; she has met the doughnut. At the very least, Merry is grateful for Yumeji’s help though she is a tsundere character so displaying this is a bit difficult for her.

Not to mention that Merry has been going at it for over 10 years. She must have been lonely after all that time. This brings me to another question: how has she been eating all this time? In only a day, her stomach rumbles like any normal human. How is this feasible?! I assume that she must feed her vessel daily (my predictions as to her being in the human world anyways).


Play is a generic character but I can accept that. She literally begged Yui to become her vessel instead of forcibly taking over so while her misconceptions may make her an antagonist, she’s still a morally good person. Is revenge a moral decision? I’m not entirely sure.

Play's sister! I don't actually remember her name.

10 years of isolation.

NOOOOO! I thought you had special powers!



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3 Responses to Yumekui Merry 05: Play

  1. Itachi says:

    I think Merry is more cuter when she has a long hair.Anyway, it is a cool episode…xD

  2. Itachi says:

    Wow, the next episode she shows her true power even the enemy call Merry Monster! Now’s that an upgrade…

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