Puella Magi Madoka Magica 06: Absolutely Correct

Them Rocky.

Those cunning devils deceived all of us into thinking it was a regular, albeit darker, Mahou Shoujo anime.

The question is: what is the right thing?


This episode is sinister. At the conclusion of the last episode, Homura appears to be in alliance to Sayaka. She lends a hand and aids them in the fight. However, she is not a comrade but is still prattling on about her beliefs of what a magical girl should be. Homura strikes a deal with the red-headed youth so that she may the city may be taken over by a new magical girl.

Meanwhile, Sayaka is still ignorant to the fact that she is a weakling. She proceeds attempt a fight against Sakura yet again but Madoka stops them by throwing Sayaka’s soul gem off a bridge. The gem is apparently the literal soul of a Puella Magi. They can’t drift more than 100m away from it or they return to being a corpse.

The lifeless body does not stir. Kyubey chuckles in the background.

I knew that Kyubey was plotting. He is taking the souls of girls to force them into becoming “magical”. In actuality, Kyubey takes the tainted Grief Seeds used to cleanse the soul gem and consumes them, likely increasing his own powers. So evil but so cute. A complete and utter manipulation by our cuddly friend.

He hungers for your soul.

I am literally taken aback as to what has happened. I knew that SHAFT played a large part in the making of this anime but do they really have to butcher the genre in this way? What happened to the cute fantastic world of magic and fighting for the greater good? Though I say that, I’m glad the author took this route instead of the more generic one. It’s infinitely more interesting.

Every magical girl was tricked. They are all zombies. I guess this was hinted when Mami was risen from the dead to become a magical girl. It now makes sense why Homura was desperately trying to stop people from becoming magical girls and why she held so much hate for Kyubey.

I never trusted him.

Homura chasing madly for the soul gem. She knew exactly what was going on.

Ignorance shown by Sayaka. It was Mami who chained Homura.



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2 Responses to Puella Magi Madoka Magica 06: Absolutely Correct

  1. blindability says:

    Ignorance is a really good word to describe the theme of this episode – especially in Madoka. I think her naivety is tolerable only because of how dark this show is which has also turned out to be a pleasant surprise. I think her “killing” Sayaka was a slap on the face which unfortunately also reinforces the fact that only Magical Girls have the right to meddle in the affairs of other Magical Girls.

    I guess now we all know better than to trust the cute, fluffy animals.

    • jacqivarius says:

      Ignorance and naivety are two entirely different things in my opinion. While Sayaka is purposefully (possibly the only form) ignorant and completely headstrong in regards to her own powers, Madoka is only naive because she’s ingenuous and Kyubey is a manipulating jerk. She isn’t the smartest girl, that’s for sure. Still, I don’t blame Madoka for her actions. While she isn’t a Magical Girl, she’s still a close friend and what friend wouldn’t help another?

      Madoka is just a simpleton, she sees the world in black and white which may be paramount to her success. It’s a reoccurring theme as even her mother discusses the right versus the wrong. We’ll have to see how she takes the moral grey and tries to assess the situation. Luckily, Homura seems to have sense enough for the lot of them.

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