Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season 04+05: Change of Tact

There has been a change in command! This is not your usual post by our lovely Serenata. Jacq has taken over. Muahaha?

So, for a while, as Serenata is extremely busy with school I have been given the task of writing for Kimi ni Todoke on top of my other projects. I’m afraid you’ll have to deal with my ashen sense of humour. I’m horribly sorry for this.

Episode 4 Summary:

Kazehaya has blown the coop. Basically, he’s a tad shaken and has distanced himself from Sawako. In the meantime, Kento has begun plotting and is dabbling in the matters of the two otherwise good friends. Luckily, because of Kazehaya’s cold demeanor, Sawako has begun to understand how important he really is. On the other hand, Kento’s meddling has incorporated Sawako into the class and she is no longer the outcast. What will our heroine do?

Kazehaya, without so much as a proper remark, simply turns and walks away.

You don’t know how much I dislike Kento. Unlike my compatriots, I’m not a supporter of Kento and his shenanigans. To me, he rubs me the complete opposite direction. Manipulation! Dastardly and crafty. He is riling Kazehaya up on purpose simply to meet his own perverted desires.

Luckily Sawako has some incredible friends. Yano is definitely on the case and Chizuru is well… ignorant to some important facts but a moral supporter. As we will undoubtedly see, these two will be Sawako’s support for the rest of the series. We all know that Kento will not be successful but Kazehaya and Sawako will face many challenges ahead and a counselor for the poor lass will be sorely needed.

Words of the devil.

I’m fully aware of the idiom “all’s fair in love and war” but I still don’t like it. Kazehaya needs to be more firm. It’s mutual love! They just don’t know it yet. The stubbornness that Kazehaya possesses limits his friends from assisting him in his dating endeavors but it’s also the reason why he has such an outstanding personality. His dislikes and likes are very defined. Kento, he dislikes.

Sad face. Also large hands.

Episode 5 Summery:

A tad more uplifting episode. Kento is still being a twerp but the class has accepted Sawako now and their school festival revolves around her little herb garden. Ryu’s brother, Toru, is getting married and Chizuru finally has a chance for closure.  Thanks to Pin and Ryu, Kazehaya has regained his stride and progressing. Kento makes his move, to be stopped by our hero.

Continued doubts.

If you recall, from the last season, Chizuru was madly in love with Toru. She was viewed as a sister of sorts which is probably the most painful way to end. There are hints of Ryu having affection for Chizuru so there is hope there.

My favorite characters in this series are Chizuru and Ryu. I’m rather partial to the tomboyish girls and the silent protagonists. I’m glad to see that while the main story is being told, the supporting characters are still developing. It’s also nice to see the chemistry between Yano and Chizuru. Now, if only Kento was out of the picture then I could fully enjoy myself.

Quite pretty in her red one piece.

Oh, Kento. Why must you be such a pain in everybody’s side?

Sawako is completely disoriented by this ordeal. She’s never had friends let alone love interests. Kento, taking advantage of this, chooses his words well. He plan is to catch Sawako on the rebound as he slowly removes Kazehaya from the picture. Not exactly chivalrous if you ask me.

Totally enamoured.

I’m sorry if I’m a bit blunt. I’m not in a mood to be tactful at the moment but time is fleeting and I need to get this done. This really isn’t the best genre for me to write about as I’m never insightful on these matters being a male and all.

In my honest opinion, while love has no boundaries but many forms, a person cannot trick another into affection. This isn’t how it’s supposed to work in society of today. Without a doubt, Kazehaya is much more of a suitor than Kento. Kento has some valid points about Sawako but his tactics disturb me. I feel that the naivety of Sawako is being exploited and that is not okay.

My half a cent anyways. Too much caffeine and a lack of sleep does not help creativity in any way.

Best couple? Yes please.

You ass, don't mince words!

Woohoo! Redemption time.

– Jacqivarius


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"I often have long conversations all by myself, and I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying."
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9 Responses to Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season 04+05: Change of Tact

  1. Jo says:

    Heya Jacqivarius..good on ya for taking this up… (private plans for world domination? ^^)
    I dunno, the way I see this is that Kent has misunderstood the whole situation, and genuinely cares for Sawako. He just wants to bring her out of her shell, rather than actually chasing after her. As seen in episode 00, high school girls can get quite bitchy and even Kurumi had to back off Kazehaya. Sawako has worked so hard to get accepted by her classmates, and I guess Kent just doesn’t want to see her withdraw into her old self if rumors (whether true or not) start about her and Kazehaya.

    Didn’t Ryu actually come out and tell Sawako last season that he liked Chizuru?


    • jacqivarius says:

      Simply because of his tactics, I do not like him. I think it’s great that he’s bringing Sawako out of her shell but he’s definitely chasing her. He’s using some underhanded methods of doing so, like skewing his words or deterring Kazehaya. It’s also unlikely that Sawako would revert to her old self since she now has Yano and Chizuru as support.

      As for Ryu, technically he did. It’s not exactly love in a mainstream sense. They just can’t be without each other, which I guess could be counted as love. They’re too close to be considered as “dating”. It’s already a bit beyond that. Like an old man and woman? I don’t know.

      And yes, I’m totally taking over! Conquering as of now.

      • I’ll admit he’s somewhat using unfair tactics to win Sawako over, especially since he knows she’s so serious about Kazehaya. But either ways, Kent will end up on his own…or until Yano or someone else decides to pop into his picture.

  2. tk04 says:

    I agree I love the chemistry between Yano and Chizuru. They so adorable. Chizuru is just adorable idiots. hehehehe She so luck to have Yano. I can’t wait until are official lover. Kento, that ass… wipe it kind piss me off… but at the same time it kind make the anime interesting to me.

    I already read the magna and know what happen next but I can’t help watching the anime because you get to see the emotion and thought of the person in action.

    Thanks for your review.

    • Yeah, same. I’ve read the manga (still am with the latest chapters and the such) as well so the plot’s pretty obvious. The anime’s still enjoyable though as sometimes the producers do add in their own little snipets here and there.

      Loved the whole Chizuru and Ryu attention in episode 5, especially when Chizu prepped up for the wedding. Adorable as.

      And thanks for the comment!

  3. Jo says:

    I just watched episode 6, and halfway through I wanted to punch my computer screen in…
    Thank goodness for Ayane and Chizuru…
    That is all.

  4. Yi says:

    Kent really showed his manipulative side in episode 5. Kazehaya, by comparison, seems pretty simple minded. He’s going to have a hard time with this guy.

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