Cardfight!! Vanguard Ep 5 (Whirlwind! Kamui, The Grade-School Fighter!)

I think, or rather, I’m pretty sure that this episode introduced a new character – Kamui, who’s a grade schooler but nevertheless, experienced and fights Aichi in this episode.

This is Kamui~


Aichi goes to Card Capital and tries to buy a “Booster Pack” for the chance of getting a Level 3 card (as shown in Ep 4). But before Aichi can do anything, he’s drawn to a cardfight between one of his classmates and this kid. Aichi soon finds out that the kid is a grade schooler named Kamui. Aichi asks for a duel HOWEVER Kamui rejects him cause he doesn’t believe Aichi is “strong enough”.

After getting rejected, Aichi goes back to buying the Booster Pack but is stopped by Emi. Kamui falls in love with Emi and notices that Emi and Aichi are REALLY CLOSE (to the point that he thinks they’re lovers).

Getting excited, aren't we?

The letters on Kamui say "Lovers" or "Boyfriend and Girlfriend"

This leads to Kamui challenging Aichi the next day so he can get Emi (or “Goddess” in his terms)…BUT NOT BEFORE AICHI GETS A LEVEL 3 CARD FROM HIS BOOSTER PACK ;D His new card is called either “Knight of Frivolity, Gancelot” or “Solitary Knight, Gancelot” (Aichi first says Knight of Frivolity but it later changes to Solitary Knight when Aichi “rides” it).


An epic duel starts and Aichi loses…AGAIN!!! But Kamui notes that his opponent could be potentially dangerous once his deck is fully assembled (having only one Grade 3 card does not make a full deck).

Later, Emi comes to the shop again and Kamui starts getting jealous…until Misaki finally comments on how Aichi’s and Emi’s maturity level is mixed up…and Kamui finally finds out that Emi and Aichi are actually siblings, not lovers. He then starts saying “Honorable Onii-san~Let me massage your back~” (to Aichi) and the episode ends…

Those eyes are creeping me out...o_O


This might sound weird but…I’M SO HAPPY THAT AICHI GOT OWNED THIS EPISODE!!! It’s a dream come true~ But if he starts losing too much…Yeah.

The duels are starting to heat up a little bit~ Fufu~ That’s good. At least it’s getting a little interesting.

Sorry...I just had to post this up...THEIR FACES ARE EPIC~ ;D

BTW, that’s Aichi saying that he’s not Kamui’s brother ;)

Next Episode Preview:

The next episode is called “The Mysterious Card Shop”. There’s a blondie…possibly foreign? But then again, Aichi has blue hair…we’ll just have to wait and see~ ;D

That's...a sad shot...Blaster Blade is getting pwned~

Until next time!


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6 Responses to Cardfight!! Vanguard Ep 5 (Whirlwind! Kamui, The Grade-School Fighter!)

  1. ArashiX says:

    I been wondering about this series for awhile, still trying to figure out if it is worth the time watching, but if it is, I’ll append on my list for later.

    • If you’re the sort of person who likes:
      1) Yu-Gi-Oh or any other card or tournament-based animes
      2) A protagonist who eventually learns to grow stronger overtime
      Then yes, I suppose you should give Cardfight a go. Not that I’m implying it’ll be the best, but it’ll definitely answer your questions of curiousity.

  2. baka~ says:

    I’m actually surprised that someone would at least have the guts to blog this anime despite this being just a card game (for some reason, people don’t like the idea of talking about anime’s on card games)… whew! good thing I visited this blog XD

    but going back, Aichi’s win/lose record reminds me of Shobu Kirifuda from duel masters which kinda makes him realistic since it’s not every day people would win in a card game… but well, so far, there are no life-threatening duels involved so I guess there’s no need to play seriously and fight for dear ‘ol life :D

    • Good thing I stumbled upon you first then XD

      Personally I don’t watch the anime though I do get updated on what’s happening. And as for Aichi’s record, wells, I guess the producers had only two choices: either make him an prodigy or a total newb. They went for the latter, most likely so the fans can learn the game along with Aichi.

      And agreed. It’s good to see the protagonist losing every once in a while. Makes room for growth :) Particularly since the protagonist has yet to enter any kind of tournament. Nice timing I suppose XD

  3. ArashiX says:

    @Silent: Thanks for the analysis. I heard that it sort of had no logic behind the card game mechanics, but one of my acquaintance’s seem to like it so I’ll keep it on watch list since I did enjoy the Yu-gi-oh series (awhile back). Have so many things now that I’m watching now be hard to squeeze into schedule, but i will once this season ends.

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