Infinite Stratos EP 6: My Roommate Is A Blond Gentleman

BOOBS! Guess whose?


So in this episode of Infinite Stratos, Ichika and Charles battle one another with Ichika losing once again. Hence Charles decides to train Ichika but is later interrupted by Laura (the silver haired chick) who wants to fight Ichika but gets rejected instead.

On his way back from training, Ichika sees the spectacle of Laura sucking up to Chifuyu only to be shot down by the said female.

Ichika recalls his kidnap during the 2nd Mondo Grosso IS Championship, which then resulted in Chifuyu forfeiting in finals in order to rescue him.

To the rescue!

Afterwards, Ichika walks in on Charles showering, and SURPRISE! He discovers that he is in fact a she. Charles informs Ichika how she’s an illegitimate daughter and was taken in after her mother died to become a IS test pilot. But before long, the Dunois Corporation (that is, Charles’ father’s corporation entered a financial crisis due to the demand of 3rd Generation IS mechines. So yeah, Charles was forced to enter the Academy as a guy, to gain publicity and to steal data about Ichika.

With a rather dramatic end to the episode we see Laura remove her eye patch to reveal the end of the world!!! No, not really. Just a golden eye.


This is not how a typical teenage boy should respond.

The story line is starting to take shape now. We actually are told a bit about Ichika’s past, but I’m still curious; are they actually going to fight any enemies or just amongst themselves? I mean it’s a good anime and all but I want to see a super strong enemy that is OVER LV 9000!!


Blue Days/ Red Switch!

– Kimmichan


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17 Responses to Infinite Stratos EP 6: My Roommate Is A Blond Gentleman

  1. jacqivarius says:

    How does she hide the fact that her breasts are massive? I don’t think that you can bind those things down.

    Also, “steal data on Ichika”. I have to question what kind of data. ;D

    • I KNOW. That’s what I was thinking. How in the world did Charles manage to hide those huge breast? Must have used heaps and heaps of bindings…I’m surprised she hasn’t suffocated lol.

      I still can’t believe how non-chalant Ichika is about the whole shower scene.

  2. Kimmichan says:

    Still annoyed by Ichika’s reaction to the shower scene =.=
    I’m pretty sure you would probably scream or something? Also is that even possible to bind her boobs down? Maybe she used a corset or something?

  3. 貴博 says:

    変な ブログ  ですねー これわ ねーー お前たち 日本語 わかる?

  4. Jo says:

    There was something that I didn’t get in this episode. In the first episode it said that the sister disappeared after retiring. and in this episode Ichika says that the sister was teaching in Germany.. was that just a mistake?

    and about Charles’s breasts, since her family makes IS suits and other stuff, maybe they came up with a special suit to flatten them or something.. I dunno…


  5. Itachi says:

    Cool fan-service by Charles. I really curious about Charles gender even during her first entrance which is episode 5. Well, look at her long hair, face and her sweet voice, there’s no way that she is a he… For Laura, she is really sticking her nose to someones life. Well, she slap Ichika on the face on her first day of her transfer, she sure has gut to do it openly and also with Chifuyu(the person that she admire most) presence there… Ayway, it is a great progress for the story. xD

    • Yup. Definitely loved how the whole episode was focused on Charles – nice character development. And yeah, her gender was pretty much obvious from the start. Not much of a surprise that our expectations turned out true.

      As for Laura, I dislike her attitude despite her good looks (excluding her golden eye which was badly drawn). She’s openly declaring war with Ichika.

      • Itachi says:

        Yeah, Laura really has to fix her bad attitude. To enter Ichika’s HAREM, it is necessary though. I want to see her soft side too and maybe its not that bad…

        • Yeah. I reckon she might be one of those females who fall in love with the hero after they stop hating him. Like Laura might get saved or something and realise how Ichika’s not a bad guy after all, and then fall in love with him.

          That sort of cliche plot, you know?

          But yeah, Laura’s IS looks bad ass.

          • Itachi says:

            Yeah, Laura’s Is is pretty bad ass. I really hope she will fight Ichika on the tournament and my instinct tell me that they will… Just look, all the transfer student that transfer after Ichika fights him already and that leaves Laura in the end… Surely they will fight and the fight may gonna be tough for Ichika…

  6. Jo says:

    Heya.. Random question not related to anything above but are there any phrases in Japanese that is equivalent to Lleyton Hewitt’s ‘C’mon!!’ or Justine Henin’s ‘Allez!!’?


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