Level E 05: Antics

We return back to the old slapstick style of the first episode. I have a feeling that it will become a dark to light style, alternating episodically. I still don’t know what genre this anime would fall under. It’s a bit confusing.

Prince is back with his crazy antics.

This time, we have an entirely new cast of characters following a Power Rangers theme. In a nutshell, the Prince has made a bunch of kids into rangers by giving them a wristwatch capable of transforming them. As it turns out, those watches are actually toys and the “evil assassin teacher” is a docile bounty hunter. The prince is just a little trickster isn’t he?
By the end of the episode, the kids find out that the Prince is pulling their leg and he now becomes the main boss. They need to level up by staying in their coloured forms for a certain amount of time and retrieve the key from Craft (poor guy eh?) to return back to their normal lives.


It’s kind of nice being able to swap casts whenever it fits. The anime essentially revolves around the Prince anyways and cameos are aplenty.
Anyways, the main focus of this anime is to bring forth the idea of aliens being able to invade without notice at all. There are a multitude of different species of alien and these extraterrestrials may be with us at this very moment. In this fashion, Level E does a very good job.
If you recall the last episode, the atmosphere was entirely different as it was dark and brooding, and is a stark contrast to the carefree attitude in episode five. While this seems to be a semi-episodic anime, there does seem to be underlying plot. The reptilian creature presented in this episode is an assassin but only kills as a means to achieving her dreams. Last episode, those canabalistic aliens were driven by instinct but burdened by evolution. There is a story being told here, though it is masked quite well by the Prince and his shenanigans.

Cuddly. Can reptiles be cuddly?

Still, it’s a very roundabout way of storytelling. I can never be sure if it’s serious or not. At times, I find myself doubting that these aliens exist as in previous episodes it was always the Prince shooting a movie or talking to himself. In a way, that’s probably how the author wanted it. There is always a nagging question in my mind as to the reality of another sentient race living in the house next to me. These situations could be very real. It’s not like an intelligent species will be barbaric as depicted in many movies, they are more likely to be very similar to humans both in their physiology and mental capacity.
I think I’m going enjoying this anime. It has enough lighthearted humour to alleviate the gritty nature of the other episodes. An interesting mix of genres.

Classic probing action.

The worst superhero powers ever.

The ONLY reason for this elaborate ruse.

She's kind of good looking. I mean... for a reptilian assassin of course.



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