Starry Sky Ep 8 (Aries II)

I find this really cute ^^

I swear…Kazuki is an imitation of Kanata, except the fact that instead of a sickness, he has the power to predict the future.


The episode starts out with Kazuki envisioning these people calling him “President”.

Part of the vision~

With this, Kazuki REALLY becomes the student council president since the position’s pretty much vacant. Time flies by and his friends (“Komare”…I think he’s another love interest, and Ooshiro Shirogane, a red-head photographer) notice that he’s hurting himself in order to protect every one else…

This is Komare~

Kazuki later appoints Tsubasa as Student Council Treasurer, Hayato as Vice President and Tsukiko as Student Council Secretary. And yay, now the whole Student Council is a happy family complete~

One day, the Student Council patrols around school on Kazuki’s whim and boredom.


Followed by Kazuki forseeing one of the windows breaking, and quickly pushes Tsubasa and Tsukiko away.

If you look really closely inside the red circle, you'll see a baseball ;D

HOWEVER he gets cut by a piece of the shattered window and the others drag him to hospital to give him surgery drag the doctor from his nap to treat the cut. During their absence, Kazuki reflects on his power. He at last thinks that it can be useful and doesn’t detest it as much since the beginning as he can now predict his “visions” to protect his friends.

That's Ooshiro behind Kazuki

From left to right: Tsubasa, Dr. Hoshizuki (another love interest), Tsukiko

The episode ends with Kanata thinking how he loves and treasures his friends more than anything. He gives his thanks to his personal and faithful Yoda grandfather, and apologizes for he has still yet to learned how to treasure himself.

That "you" is to Kazuki's grandfather


I find that little old Kazuki is a replica of Kanata, but with a different past and power. Their looks are even similar o_O particularly the hair. HOWEVER, I still like Kazuki more than Yoh and Tsubasa since he gives out the aura of “Meh gonna protect meh friends” ;D. But overall, Kanata is still my favourite love interest of them all his sickness makes him cute~ while Kazuki only has this weird power.

I think Kazuki would’ve made a good pair with Tsukiko…I have no idea why, but they look cute together. Kazuki still reminds me of Atobe Keigo from Prince of Tennis. O_O

Like any other love interest…time for PIC SPAM!!! xDDD

I have to say this but...Kazuki looks hot in glasses *.*

Whoever drew this is awesome~ ;D

In the back, I can see Kanata, Suzuya, Yoh, Ooshiro, and the archery club~

Next episode preview:

The next episode is gonna feature love interest Homare Kanakubo. He was in this episode and was Kazuki’s friend. If I remember correctly…he was the president of the archery club. Anyway, the next episode is called “Taurus I”.

Until next time!


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2 Responses to Starry Sky Ep 8 (Aries II)

  1. jacqivarius says:

    That picture of Kazuki climbing out of the screen reminds me of Persona 4. o.o Actually, now that I look at it, the uniforms also looks similar. And that pair of glasses. Coincidence but I’m sure the artist of that particular picture doesn’t think so.

    Looking closely at the uniforms… they’re really nice. It must be nice to wear such a fancy blazer as a school uniform.

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