Beelzebub EP 4: There Is One Second Before The Demon Lord’s Floods Burst Forth

Paranoid glare :L

Despite Beelzebub having an urination problem, Oga has obviously not thought of using a nappy. Till now. I’m also starting to get annoyed at the sarcastic narration of Oga Tatsumi. It’s killing my internet.


See that thing below Beelzebub's head that's causing the ripples in the water? Yeah, but rather than urinating yellow crap, it looks more like pure water.

Tatsumi dreams that he’s floating in the ocean. But is it really an ocean?

Whilst out to buy some “diapers”, Oga is held hostage along with Hilda (who followed Oga) and Furuichi (who followed Hilda, after his perverted thoughts of them being together). Beelze ends up wearing his Demon Diapers anyway.

As his kidnappers (orz3) have nothing better to do, they decide to ramble on about how “bad-ass” they are. Oyama brags about how she breaks windows (FAIL), Ryuzaki tells us of his life back in Ishiyama High (FAIL), and Zenkou proclaims that the tower by the side of the river was stolen by him (though Tatsumi proves otherwise, aka FAIL). Sannomiya seems to be the only bad-ass amongst the three as he demonstrates “how to rob a bank”.

Bad choice.

Beelze gets his Demon “Diaper” stuck onto the machine gun and begins to cry. Hilda lectures Sannomiya (the leader of orz3) about being the parent of the Demon Lord. Little does he know, with parenting comes alot of responsibility and if he dares dump Beelze and run away, he’s in a load of trouble.

Beelze, on the other hand, can’t hold his pee back any longer, and it just so happens, that his Demon “Diaper” shatters and…“there is one second before Demon Lord’s flood bursts forth”.

Don’t worry! Later, Hilda came up with an ingenious idea to let Beelzebub pee over an entire ocean.

Quote: “Why didn’t we think of this earlier?”


ORZ3 are extremely bad at being “bad-ass”, not to mention Furuichi mistook them to be “Speed Grovel” (a sliding bow?). Also, I have never seen Hilda worried and this surprised me quite a bit in this episode. We’ve finally revealed the inner ‘human’ within the demon!

And LOL, what Furuichi considers a flawless attempt to have Hilda by his side, just happens to be one of the worst insults (according to Hildegarde). Poor guy, he’s got a long way to go ;)

Also, I am very very very sorry for the 2 and a half week of delay.


Speed Grovel = ORZ3



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