Hourou Musuko 04: Complications

The closet has totally been blown off its hinges now and everyone is barging out at the same time. There is no turning back.

On the left we have Shiina and on the right we have Hiroyuki "Yuki" Yoshida.

Everyone’s inner inhibitions have been released. Takatsuki is now taking precautions to stray away from being a girl. Nitori has professed his love for Takatsuki yet again and has also decided to become a girl, forcefully if need be. Chiba is praying to become Romeo to Nitori’s Juliet in the play.
Also, Makoto is gay. I’m sure that we already knew that but I’ll put it out there anyways.

Completely blunt. No restraint.

I feel like my life up until this moment has been insignificant when compared to the Hourou Musuko universe. Where on this earth are there children like this? These are middle school students might I remind you. It’s a bit exaggerated isn’t it? Well, whatever.
On a side note, there is a lot of Anna in this episode. If you do not remember her, she’s a friend of Nitori Maho. I have a inkling that this love triangle between Nitori, Takatsuki, and Chiba will eventually become a love square. In all honesty though I like Anna. At the moment, Nitori is so caught up in his own antics that there is no room for another person. He is quite thickheaded but remember, even guys think that he’s cute. It’s not unlikely that a fashionable girl would like him, if not simply to dress him up like a doll.

The first time that Nitori has stood up to someone. Unfortunately he cried right after.

As far as development goes, there was a lot of it in this episode. Every single character is revealing themselves. We meet Yuki, who was once a boy and is now the advocate of Nitori and Takatsuki. Anna buys a key chain for Nitori, likely to be hinting at something. The cast of the play is in jeopardy as Takatsuki and Chiba fight over the position of Romeo. Maho displays more of her crazed love for MAIKO.
It’s so filled that my paragraph can’t retain any transitions. I highly suggest that you watch it if it intrigues you in the least. It’s very difficult to write about.
Everything is escalating towards the school play. Who will be the one to play Romeo and who will interfere?
Also, I truly feel like I have cataracts when watching this anime. It’s blinding.

Mako-chan. Girl to gir...guy chat.

An interesting way to shop.

I find it strange that she's a Christian.




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