Yumekui Merry 06: Friend or Foe

The scariest thing in life is when a friend is simply using you. To be thrown away like a ragdoll, back stabbed and left for naught is the worst feeling.

Merry Nightmare, a true demon.


Various events are occurring at the same moment. Picking off directly after the preceding events, Merry lets loose and Yumeji staggers homeward only to collapse in pain. As Yumeji sleeps off his pain, he dreams about Chaser John Doe who tells him of the Elcres who seem to be creatures that guide Dream Demons. They seem to be leaders of the Dream Demons, like lords. He also explains that when the Elcres came into reality, a Dream Demon followed them; I presume this to be Merry. Chaser John Doe is portrayed as an ally as he is helping Yumeji recover from his spiritual injury in peace.

Those people who had their Dream Demons removed, AKA Serio the plant, lose their motivation. A large amount of the students at Yumeji’s school are targets for these demons and Merry has been killing them all. Smooth.

Kawanami Chizuru, whom I believe to also be a Dream Demon of sorts comes back to the cafe to order a coffee. Maybe as an act of friendship to resolve her loneliness.

Akiyanagi, the Haiku master is foreshadowed as a fiend on par with the Elcres and he’s literally watching Yumeji Sleep.

A long summary eh?

Pow pow pow!

This seems to be an on-off anime. There is one episode of filler and relaxation followed by one filled with exposition. At least this alleviates my worries of Yumekui Merry being a dull anime. Instead of the hunting demons thing, there does seem to be a grand quest and a fair few enemies lurking.

It’s rather strange that there seems to be an easily distinguishable good and evil considering many Dream Demons trick their vessels into accepting them.  Kawanami is good, Akiyanagi is bad. Pharos and Elcres are bad while John Doe is good. There never really is a black and white, I’m expecting something surprising.

At least there's some cuteness left! Yuuuuuuui

There’s something else that I’ve noticed in this anime. Do you viewers remember when I mentioned that all people possessed by Dream Demons have strange eyes? When Yui was in total control, as in when Play went to rest deep within her subconscious, her eyes returned to normal. I’m fairly certain that Akiyanagi had regular eyes in the first episode as well, correct me if I’m wrong. This would mean that a demon has a way to hide themselves. Unless of course, Yumeji’s eyes can see through this even if the demon is consciously concealing themselves.

A rather random question: Does a Dream Demon takes over the dream completely? When they are killed, the dream dies with them. How will Merry and Yumeji dispatch these demons now?

Another interesting thing is that the spiritual wounds remain when they return to any dream world. Yumeji doesn’t seem to have a physical wound in the real world but he immediately begins to bleed profusely as enters the dream. He can also heal them when he regains his motivation. Yumeji’s mind can heal his damages.

Also, Chaser Doe has some nekomimi broads. ;D

I wonder why he says this but doesn't do anything. Chaser Doe that is.

A complete takeover?

Pharoh looks quite cool.

He has no pupils!

Merry's weapon of choice: two chains of keys? Unique I guess.

– Jacqivarius


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3 Responses to Yumekui Merry 06: Friend or Foe

  1. Itachi says:

    Merry inner ability rocks. That’s just way too strong!

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