Cardfight!! Vanguard Ep 7 (The Fearsome Soulblast!)

Kai’s back! …And with a temper o_O.

No, no. Not this one ;D


Misaki enters the shop to find her uncle setting up a cardfight stand a.k.a “Standing Fight Table (name subject to change)”.

In comes Morikawa with a minor duel against Kamui and Kamui’s victory. Misaki, annoyed by the ruckus between Kamui and Morikawa, kicks the two out of Card Capital, along with  Aichi and Miwa (previously known as Kai’s friend). Aichi then discovers that he, Kamui, Miwa, and Kai live in the same neighborhood.

Just in case you didn't notice~

Out of sheer curiosity, Kamui, Aichi, and Miwa (who also doesn’t know where Kai lives) stalks Kai to see where he lives, however, are found out and are proven a ridiculous bunch by the said victim.

(directed to Miwa ^^;)

Aichi attempts to strike a bargain with Kai by having him tell where he lives if Aichi defeats him in a Vanguard duel. Aichi is of course, rejected instantly with Kai saying “It’s pointless for me to fight you as you are”.

Harsh... but slightly true

Kamui then challenges Kai and Kai hopes that Kamui “will entertain him a little”.

The Challenge Proposal

The Challenge Acceptance

A duel emerges between Kamui and Kai. The duel drags on with Kai’s victory and when Kamui challenges him again, Kai goes all “I’ll gain nothing from fighting you”.

Kai's Bahrm beating Kamui's Shout

Yeah, it only showed part of his face -__-

Afterward, Aichi apologizes for being nosy and declares that he’s going to become someone worthy of fighting Kai. Kai gets all tsundere and says “suit yourself” but as he leaves Card Capital, Misaki comments on how Kai should be more honest with himself before the curtains close.


I have finally classified Kai as a, in my opinion, a hard-core assassin tsundere. He hides his real feelings and attempts to act so “cool”.

I think that what the producers were attempting to prove this episode was that Kai’s still alive, and to feature the “Soulblast” which occurs when there are eight “souls” under your vanguard. It’s like a bonus which adds 2000+ power your “Vanguard” card.

Kai's Vanguard, "Vortex Dragon"

Kai's expression as he activates "Soul Blast"

Also, at the end, Nitta was printing out a poster which I think it says “Local Card Shop Tournament” or something like that ^^; A good guess of mine…

Next Episode Preview:

Next episode is called “The King of Knights Enters the Fray!”. I think that means that Aichi’s new earned “The King of Knights, Alfred” card is gonna be used ~ There’s a man with white hair as well 0_O. Interesting…

Until next time!


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