Fractale 05: Mutual Friendship

Hurray! We all love love!

Phyrne begins to open up, albeit against her will. It’s a difficult thing to entirely disregard your mission in life in order to complete it. She seemed to embrace the notion rather quickly though.

Menial tasks - good for your character.


The two stowaways, Clain and Phyrne, are now “trapped” on the aeroship. The only way off is by parachute and our lovely hero would most likely wet his pants in the process (or his loin cloth teehee).

Clain is made to do chores for the crew but in doing so he begins to enjoy the effort and satisfaction that comes along with it. Of course, the episode simply cannot be about Clain washing toilets. Nessa returns after her brief absence, completely forgetting her previous disagreement with Phyrne. She plays a game of hide and seek but her hiding spots are within the ships mainframe. After a rather long chase scene, several mechanical breakdowns, and a few funny moments, they catch her; to be specific, Phyrne can no longer take these shenanigans and while attempting to jump ship, Nessa and Phyrne meet.

A touching speech from Clain changes the heart of Phyrne who no longer seems to hold a grudge against Nessa. They’re the bestest friends now!

Oh, the church also knows the location of the ship because they had it bugged. Or spidered may be a better word. I made it up though, sorry about that ;D

These womanly legs belong to Clain. He's wearing a fundoshi/panty thing. Totally a pervert.

This episode is…uneventful to say the least. I knew that this sort of development had to happen eventually, with Phyrne and Nessa needing to make up for the journey to continue. The humour remains dangerously similar to the jokes already made; basically this entails Clain being caught in a perverted spotlight. It’s more annoying now if anything.

Aside from those flaws, the episode is still entertaining. They show off some of the gadgets that Clain possesses and those futuristic overloads are fun to watch. I’ve also determined that Phyrne is either bipolar or easily persuaded. While the speech that Clain made was interesting and a tad sentimental, it wasn’t enough to change my mind. Perhaps it was because Clain delivered it personally. Recall back to the previous episodes where Phyrne asked Clain if he loved her. I wouldn’t doubt that she’s never felt such feelings having been a sheltered priestess.

On an off topic note, I’m sorry if the quality of my posts drop in the next few days. I’m fairly certain that I’ve caught a cold. Descriptions are always nice though amiright?

The ships heating is bugged! It's not his fault! Who takes off their shirt like that anyways?

Her eyes remind me of black holes. They stare at nothing. Morbid.

– Jacqivarius


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