Kore wa Zombie desu ka? EP 4: Wait, Am I Radiant?

Meat meat crab meat prawn TAMAGO!

HIDDEN TALENT REVEALED: Haruna can cook something other than egg!


Haruna and Seraphim cook! What seems like delicious food made by Haruna, turns into this acidic purple soup by Seraphim (as shown below). Seraphim demands that Ayumu drinks it quickly otherwise the bowl will dissolve, just like the soup ladle. Of course, he regains consciousness soon after and as everyone’s starving, they order pizza.

"She cares more about the bowl than me."

Ayumu answers the door, assuming it’s the pizza man. Little does he know, what awaits him on the other side is his return to the underworld. Attacking Ayumu in attempt to drag him back, the Doberman barges into Ayumu’s house. Upon seeing Hellscythe heal his wounds, he deems an ‘OK’ and continues on with his job.

Heading off to the crime scene where souls of the dead are awaiting to be collected after being killed by the ‘serial killer’. Ayumu  and the Doberman discover that they’ve already been sacrificed that there’s no use of sending them back to hell. Unknown to them, the serial killer is still lurking within the building and thus stabs the two together. Again, Ayumu faces “death” and yet again, he cannot get a glimpse of his killer.

Later on, Ayumu insists on why Yuu suppresses her emotions and so she explains: Disturbances and uncertainties cause her magic to lose control. She can not speak because her words contain magic. Her blood grants immortality as her heart releases a tremendous amount of power. Her gauntlets and plate armour are used to suppress her magic. Her powers do not obey her will and they will continue working after she is dead.


“You must hate me now.”
“Because my emotions affect you the strongest.”
“You live with a monster. Now that you know,
you must hate me.”


A Triple A Class Megalo – the Defeated and Weak Blue Whale (AKA. Victorious and Invincible) – appears out of nowhere and as a Masou Shoujo, it is Aikawa Ayumu’s duty to defeat it.

He teams up with the Vampire Ninja to defeat the whale and just before his awesome kick-ass action she decides to say:

“AH! You’re a cross-dressing piece of shit festering in a bag of rotting garbage. . .
but I believe in your strength.”

Oh! Also, as stated by Haruna previously: Masou Shoujo’s have no limit. So Ayumu increases his powers, however the more powerful a Masou Shoujo becomes, the more “cuter” is his/her costume.

Jealous? He's a ''cross-dressing piece of shit'' ;) MOE ♥


*GASP* Eucliwood Hellscythe has expressed her feelings to Ayumu at last (despite she saying that she mustn’t). Also, I’ve noticed that Yuu has been using the same notebook since the beginning and its pretty much the same thickness though she’s been ripping out hundreds of pages, just to talk to Ayumu. Must be magic. She’s also been using the same pen too. Must be magic again.

Other than that, my ultimate highlight of this episode is Seraphim’s speech which was quoted above. This my friends, shall be one of the best quotes in anime (in my opinion). And again – sorry for the delay.



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7 Responses to Kore wa Zombie desu ka? EP 4: Wait, Am I Radiant?

  1. feal87 says:

    Just one thing to warn you. Sera CAN’T cook, don’t try to eat or you’ll die. :D

  2. feal87 says:

    P.S. (Probably you noticed by that purple color in the anime or the fact that ayumu fallen over, but better give some warning XD)

  3. Nopy says:

    This episode made me rethink my position on Eu. Before she was just a pointless character that was just there for the random fanservice scenes. Now she actually has some background and feels more like a person.

    • baka-neko says:

      Im glad that they did that. Yuu is my favourite by far and like you said, she was just used for those random fantasy scenes, (not that theyre still not there).
      I’m surprised that they’re throwing in romane between them. I have a wierd feeling that later on it will turn into a “love triangle” or w/e you call it.

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