Infinite Stratos EP 7: Blue Days ~ Red Switch

Lingerie! And a half naked Ichika.

Yes, I tend to choose pictures which are rather misleading. Grins evilly.


Hopefully we haven’t forgotten about Houki’s “bet” with Ichika, or rather, what was once hers and hers alone.

Unfortunately for Houki, the rumor of “whoever wins the Inter-Class Tournament will get to go out on a date with Ichika” has turned into a whole school event amongst the students. Of course this excludes our beloved cross dresser, the bad-ass-and-Ichika-killing Laura, and the ultimate prize himself who’s as oblivious as always.


With that being said, Rin and Cecilia prepare for the tournament but are intervened by Laura and provoked into a two-on-one battle. As Laura pawns the two (who seem no better than noobs) till the point they’re about to be killed, Ichika and Charles come to the rescue so that the two won’t be eliminated from the harem.

Laura in her IS. Badass mode on.

The ultimate shield!

Chifuyu stops the battle; she declares that their disagreements will be settled in the Inter-Class Tournament. A twist is later added into the tournament – those who are participating must be in pairs, if not, their partner will be randomly selected from a lottery.

Rabid Ichika fans go wild at this but are sadly rejected by the said man as he and Charles form a team. As Rin and Cecilia are forced to to resign from the comp due to broken bones, Houki is left with…

Hmmm. Now who could that be? Wells, there’s only one character left.


Battle cut off again? Sigh.

But a bit of tension here and there, especially between a few of the students with the mock battles and all. But I actually wanted to see more of those unnamed IS drones this episode, and as to why it attacked Ichika in the previous. Let’s hope for a bloodbath in the next (highly doubtful, but you catch my drift) ;P


Find out my Mind.

– Kimmi.


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4 Responses to Infinite Stratos EP 7: Blue Days ~ Red Switch

  1. Itachi says:

    The unnamed Is drones really is a question. What its purpose of attacking Ichika and the others? Whats the connection and whose behind it? All of that is still unanswered… I hope they explain more detailed in the later episode though…

  2. Kimmichan says:

    They took to long in introducing the characters so I have a feeling they will explain short and quickly OR not tell us at all.

  3. Kimmichan says:

    Either a 24 ep series or a second season…

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