Infinite Stratos EP 8: Find Out My Mind

FINALLY THE INTER- CLASS TOURNAMENT! And some Laura x Ichika action.


IS’ first team vs team battle, and it’s Ichika and Charles against Laura and Houki. Unfortunately for Houki, Laura has no intention of co-operating with her and is instantly eliminated by Charles. With Houki out of the game, Charles and Ichika use teamwork to overcome Laura’s AIC (that is, her “ultimate shield”) despite Ichika’s shield energy running low because of his sword Yukihira.

ZOMG! The ears!

As Laura gets beaten, she reminisces about her past as a genetically engineered soldier unable to adapt to using an IS and thus deemed a failure. She remembers how she first met Chifuyu but hates how she acts differently – more cuter/softer – when mentioning her brother Ichika. Simply said, it is because of this that Laura refuses to acknowledge Ichika’s existence.

Back to the battle, Laura goes berserk and transform into a large dark IS.  Charles willingly gives her remaining IS power to Ichika for him to use Yukihira and for once, he wins. Mission: Save Laura; complete.

As Laura recovers she learns why Ichika is so “strong”. Chifuyu explains why her IS went berserk and advises that she shouldn’t follow her footsteps but to choose her own to become the person who she wants to be.

Laura gone berserk!

Due to the Laura’s incident, the Inter-Class Tournament is cancelled but Ichika agrees to “go out” with Houki anyways. Later at the newly-opened boys public bath, Charles tells Ichika that she will stay at the academy as a girl and under her real name, Charlotte. When she is reintroduced to the class Rin turns into a RAGING DRAGONLADY (no, not really but you know what I mean). Just when she’s about to kill Ichika, Laura saves him and kisses him in front of the class declaring that she will be his “wife”, which shocks everyone.


Ichika and Charles(Charlotte) bathing together.



But yeah, I was kind of expecting it to be a two-on-one battle, knowing that Laura only wanted to fight Ichika. Sorry Houki.

This was actually a pretty good episode; enjoyably even. Though while it was action packed, it didn’t really last for long which was bit of a letdown. The only thing that I disliked was Laura’s flashbacks about her being a killing machine (like Sousuke from FMP) which kind of interrupted the flow of the anime as I watched it, particularly since it was in the middle of a battle.

This was probably one of the better episodes of the series, and I hope it continues this way.


Ocean’s Eleven.

Looks like another cliche beach setting…

– Kimmi.


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14 Responses to Infinite Stratos EP 8: Find Out My Mind

  1. Itachi says:

    Superb! Laura owned this episode… Ichika win is totally an expected result which makes this story progress to the next level…

  2. Psycho says:

    Berserk Laura doesn’t make sense at all. How could an IS transform into that jelly-like substance?

  3. Kimmichan says:

    I’d also would like to know how her IS turned into a jelly-like substance. But we most likely won’t be told how it happened…

  4. Kimmichan says:


  5. Kimmichan says:

    I KNOW!

  6. Itachi says:

    Laura has various personality and the most lovely one is her cute side that full with moeness element!

    • Agreed! Now that she’s no longer hellbent on killing Ichika, her cute side has finally revealed itself.
      Especially when she came out wear that adorable swimsuit of hers ><

  7. Itachi says:

    You got that right on the spot! She’s way too adorable! \(>.<)/

  8. Plus comical.
    From mummified to a moe gothic lolita (with twintails!) Laura ;D

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