Cardfight!! Vanguard Ep 8 (The King of Knights Enters the Fray!)

Aichi at last learns how to make good use of his cards. Good, but not the best – just yet.

Or at least that's what he said.


Card Capital’s announces a tournament.

But Aichi hesitates to apply in fear of losing. On the last day for application deadlines, Aichi goes to Card Capital with the intention of watching the tournament. At the same time, Kai enters the shop and applies for the tournament.

Upon seeing this, Aichi decides to apply for the tournament as well. However, another competitor by the name of Osamu Kishida also decides to apply butvas there is only one vacancy left,  the two argue over the position until…

Nitta intervenes! He suggests a cardfight between Osamu and Aichi, with the prize as the tournament’s last spot.

Aichi and Osamu fight it out, and Aichi finally gets to use his King of Knights which he received from the PSY card shop. Osamu uses a Megacolony (basically “bugs”) deck and combines two different clans together.

In reference to Osamu's Bahr monster

The duel ends with Aichi’s victory. Aichi tells Kai that they might get to fight another in the tournament.

However, Kai says that Aichi is still not worthy of fighting him. Despite this, Aichi looks hopeful and promises himself that he will win his way up in the tournament in order to fight against Kai.


The Osamu guy reminded me of Insector Haga from Yu-Gi-Oh! (otherwise known as Weevil Underhood in the English vers), mainly because of all the calculation stuff and the “Megacolony” clan cards which he used. I find it really similar to a bug deck…possibly the same?

Well, Aichi won. At last.

All’s good cause now he can enter into his first tournament. Supposing he didn’t…then we’ll be stuck with a protagonist who’s left sitting on the sidelines.

Next Episode Preview:

“The Shop Tournament Begins!”

Aichi’s long awaited debut in a tournament~

Until next time!
~ sakuraXXyume


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