Level E 06: Submitting to the Grind

I wish that you viewers could see my anime folder at the moment. It’s overflowing! Test week really is not helping my cause either. I hope you’re alright with more picture spam.

The joke character always has it hard.


If you recall the last episode, our “heroes” were given a chance to free themselves from the prince by means of a key that unlocks their bracelets. Unfortunately (moreso lucky if anything) the holder of the key is Kraft. He sniffs out the prince’s underhanded doings and simply gives them the key.

Joke time! To use the keys, a password is required. The password is the girl that the wearer fancies… it could have been funny. The jokes are losing their edge in my opinion but I digress. I don’t have time to discuss my twisted sense of humour.

So of course, they take the bracelets off and the prince simply finds a way to force them back on. In this case, he creates an entire RPG world and they need to defeat the last boss to exit the game. In true Japanese fashion, they grind to absurd levels and prepare for the showdown.

Kraft is quite muscular.

Ooh, sex appeal. Why not amiright?


That monster... it's too revealing.

Again, why not?

He's actually a decent singer considering the lyrics.

– Jacqivarius


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"I often have long conversations all by myself, and I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying."
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9 Responses to Level E 06: Submitting to the Grind

  1. You’re pretty much the only one who’s keeping this blog alive D:

  2. Jo says:

    Kraft is hilarious… but the best scene has got to be when they had to name the girls they liked…

    Overall this arc was ok for me…

    • jacqivarius says:

      Kraft is awesome. I’m eagerly awaiting the combo with the Prince and whatever that Japanese guy’s name is. They were pretty funny together. I hope they bring him back. ;o

      • Jo says:

        You mean baseball boy? Yeah I’d like to see him back as well…Maybe for the final couple of episodes or something…Full circle type of thing…


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