And we’ve past our…15,000TH HIT!

We’ve at last reached our 15,000th hit ~! Thanks for the support and may Serenata’s cookies remain forever pure *AHEM*, I mean, may we continue to succeed in conquering the world.

Thankyou staff, for all your hard work – they’ve paid off despite those who’ve been slacking off lately. And last but not least, thankyou to our dear readers!

Once we reach 1 mil views, it’ll soon equal to :
World Domination!


To the now-and-future-existing-blogs, you’ll soon be Otaku-ed by us (:

Here are some of our favorite videos, just to keep you occupied ^_^

*Note: Unfortunately our celebratory cookies have been robbed. Serenata is baking more as we speak. It contains a special poison recipe.

The Vid Spam:

Recommendations from our dedicated fan Jo:

Yes, this is our Bucchou ~ (though it really should be Ritsu)

Special thanks to:

Bucchou (AKA. Serenata)
Jacqivarius (AKA. Trix)
Sakura (AKA. MIO!)
Kimmi-chan (AKA. Kimmi)
Serenata’s Slave (AKA. Azunyan)
Cookie Monster (AKA. Jo; a very special fan)

Oh! I almost forgot. It may be a 2 second video but its the most hilarious thing you’ll ever see. Dedicated to K-ON!! fans (:

Arigatou gozaimasu goushujin-sama minna ~!
– azunyan


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57 Responses to And we’ve past our…15,000TH HIT!

  1. baka-neko says:

    LOL. this was originally supposed to be 10,000th. but due to serenata’s ultimate delay in supplying me with her special vid.. we soon reached 15,000 instead =3=

    nevertheless ~ PARTY :D

  2. Jo says:

    Booyah!!! Congratulations..!!
    now where are my cookies? I’m still waiting…^^


  3. Jo says:

    PS. Thanks for the shout-out..


  4. @Staff:
    For a month.
    I think that says all.

  5. ryo_kun says:


    Hey congratulations mate…XD

  6. sakuraxxyume says:

    I AM NOT MIO, I DEMAND A NICKNAME CHANGE D:< *crys in the Cor-Ner*

  7. jacqivarius says:

    World. Me. Now?

    Now we aim for the heavens! 50K views goooo. I don’t settle for a petty 15000. ;P

  8. feal87 says:

    Congratulations for the first goal!!!

    Now the objective is first 50K and then 100K, then one visit for each human in the universe?! :D

  9. baka-neko says:

    = its our trade mark from now on (:

  10. Valence says:

    Ohohoho….congratulations on hitting 15k! That’s really fast for an anime blog!

    It took me like, 5 months to hit near 15k =/

    Hope to see more posts in the future =D

  11. Yi says:

    A bit late and I’m sure your hits have gone even higher now, but congratulations on this major blog milestone!

    Keep up the great posts. ^ ^

  12. baka-neko says:

    hai hai (:
    btw can i do another music blog? after i post up kaichou?

  13. baka-neko says:

    yosh~ ikuzo! <– LOL ritsu .

    oh yeah
    i stil gotta do my openings for our colab with bokutachi,

  14. Hope this isn’t horrifically belated, but congrats! (・∀・)

    Keep it up, I love coming here to find new posts! May your quest towards world domination be… full of cookies?

  15. This is making me hungry, dammit.

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