Yumekui Merry 08: Foreshadow

To me, this scene seems to be eluding to something big.

So, 15000 hits? A grand milestone to which I assume that we should step up to. Perhaps you will see in the near future.

Did they change her character features? She looks very different from before. I'm not sure.

Primarily, this is a transition episode. This would entail a council of dreams with a highschool teacher, a “coincidental” meeting with an old friend, and a brand new demon to encounter.

DOUGHNUTS! This will have repurcutions in the future... not only her thighs will be in trouble.

Tachibana Isana does not play the role of a rival heroine. She does nothing for the story except proclaim her dreams of wanting to become a painter. However, I think that this episode may be where she rises. Isana receives a suspicious amount of screen time while her red haired friend lurks between scenes. A majority of her scenes also involve what I believe to be foreshadowing characteristics. Yumeji’s back is turned to her countless times, a few casual waves of goodbye, and simply her running in a panicked sort of way lead me to believe that her role will be soon discovered.
Yui, on the other hand, has instantly become a primary character in the plot since she houses the dream demon Play. Since her first meeting with Yumeji and her flickering demon eyes, I knew that she would be an important character. The way that she is portrayed as the ditsy girl basically means that she will collide with the other heroines in regards to Yumeji. Not only this but Play is the only other muma that is capable of assisting Merry as she does battle.
There’s an evident tag-team going on. Yumeji has Merry. Isana has Chizuru. Yui has Play. And even Saki, the previously schoolmate with no connection, has interest with Takateru whom I still believe to be a dream demon of some sort. This is mounting to become a lengthy cast of characters.

As if she is running away or something is chasing.

Sticking to the theme of an evil versus good, Yumeji and Play ally themselves or at least wipe the slate clean. In that same instance, they are trapped inside yet another dream world. This time it is a Pierrot of sorts. Naturally, his world is comprised of many carnival games and attractions including the burly men who can lift 600 pounds. This leaves Play and Merry to deal with this battle as Yui is useless and Yumeji moreso with his wound carrying over into the dream world. It’s likely that they will mesh quite well and I assume that the alliance will be bitter sweet as in most anime.

Again with the waving. I'm not sure if it means a thing yet.

Surprise? For what reason as she evedrops on a conversation about a vetranarian.

Play's sister looks like Isana. Very much so.

She voiced her dream which could eventually be a problem.

Manly back.

It's a dream though! Uh oh.

Not the Pharos himself but a subordinate with a will at least.

– Jacqivarius


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3 Responses to Yumekui Merry 08: Foreshadow

  1. Itachi says:

    Donuts is important than Yumeji, hmm… >.<

  2. Evil people are always the good looking.

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