Fractale 06: Trust

Can you guess who the child is?

Oh my, we are so behind. So behind. Are you prepared for the picture spam that will ensue?

She's such a cheery person. It makes me smile everytime I see her.


The Danan ship is in dire need of repairs. They land in a Dead Zone, a zone that does not receive waves from the Fractale System. Being an inhabitable zone, the refugees are a tad hostile. However, this also means that these people may be useful to the Lost Millennium.

Sunda, the leader of Danan for those who forgot, is confronted by a man named Dias. This Dias is the head of another faction (Alabaster) of the Lost Millennium. This man promises food, bed, but also vaccination from disease. Under the pretense that followers of Fractale are suceptible to disease, he begins shoving needles into their necks. This is a bit dodgy ain’t it?

Prior to Dias’ arrival, a “perverted” man was caught taking pictures of a skinny dipping Phyrne. Mr. Pervert is an avid fan of antiques just as Clain is. In his disheveled state, he attempts to recover the lost waves from the temple of Fractale but as his plans come to fruition, the Dead Zone refugees begin to panic. The reason for panic is because half of them have been vaccinated while the other can still see the Fractale waves. The vaccination was a tool to remove the terminals of believers. Dias obviously isn’t as friendly as he seems and begins to dispose of those who flee.

I can ascertain as to why this shot has such a high quality.

In my attempt to catch up on anime, I may not write as much in the way of blabberings but this is an interesting episode. If you haven’t been able to figure out, the perverted old man is Clain’s father. He can see that Clain is in agreement to the Lost Millennium which doesn’t seem to bother him at all. In fact, he probably prefers this as he is such a fan of antiques which are “tactile” instead of the projections of Fractale. However, he also understands that people can no longer survive without the System. Perhaps we’ll see what will happen in the future.

Furthermore, it seems that there are many factions within this anime. A majority use violence to accomplish their goals. I’m not going to say that Danan is filled with saints but they have chivalry which I admire. They’re the good faction at present. If there really is a good faction.


Tension between factions.

The reconstructed town. He's stealing waves from other Fractale balloons.

The ground is only a projection. Watch your step.


– Jacqivarius


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  1. Wells, technically its just Azu and me who are behind ><

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