Starry Sky Ep 10 (Taurus II)

The continuation of Homare Kanakubo’s arc ~


The episode continues from Homare’s previous tea party with Kazuki and Ooshiro. It the midst of a fight between Kazuki and Ooshiro, Kazuki inquires about “her”.

That “her” is later revealed to be Tsukiko. Insert flashback of Homare’s first meeting Tsukiko in her arrival at the Archery Club.

At first, Homare sees Tsukiko as a mirror of his old self: too pressured by others and thus under constant stress. One day, Homare finds Tsukiko asleep and the two discuss some friendly matters. Homare comments on how Tsukiko works too hard simply because of her gender difference (she is, after all, the only girl in an almost all-boys school).

Though Tsukiko denies it at first, she starts to cry and admits that she “doesn’t want to lose” and be treated differently because she’s a girl.

Like the old Homare, she thinks that it’s impossible to achieve this goal.

Perfect replica of Homare

Homare develops a soft spot for Tsukiko and tells her to “draw the bow for herself”, just like Kazuki had once told him.

Afterwards, Tsukiko thanks Homare for his advice, and Homare makes a goal for himself…to remove the binding “chains” from the heart of his precious junior (Tsukiko).

The flashback ends and the episode reverts back to the present time. Looking at Kazuki and Ooshiro, Homare realizes that they haven’t changed since he’s met them.

Awhile later, the trio hear an explosion from Tsubasa’s laboratory. Tsukiko, Kinose (Tsubasa’s childhood friend and another member of the Archery Club), and Tsubasa come out.

From left to right: Tsukiko, Tsubasa, Kinose

Kinose and Tsubasa start another little fight with their respective Presidents (Kinose with Homare and Tsubasa with Kazuki) stopping it. At the sidelines, Ooshiro comments to Tsukiko that they act like “Dad, Mom, and three kids”.

He's implying something...

Afterwards, Homare, Kinose, and Tsukiko go back to their Archery Club practice. The episode ends with Homare shooting a perfect bulls-eye in contrast to how he couldn’t before.


Well, I wanna list my favorite love interests so far (subject to change as the series goes on).

1. Kanata (his little sickness “issue” still makes me emotional…)
2. Kazuki (just like Kanata…except that he has a power, not an illness)
3. Homare (hmmm…neutral about this one but better than the bottom two)
4. Tsubasa (wimpy and childish in my opinion…)
5. Yoh (heartless in terms of sincerity)

Ok…I know that you’ve been waiting just for this jokesjokes. Well, it’s time for *(^_^)* HOMARE PIC SPAM!

From left to right: Kinose, Homare, Miyaji Ryunosuke (Vice Prez. of the Archery Club)

Art for the new game "Starry Sky ~in bitter season~"

And just for the fun of it, a OOSHIRO PIC SPAM @_@” (kind of)


Reference to previous pic...

Homare's response: Wait for it...

I bet Homare's a sadist deep down inside...

Next Episode Preview:

So I’ll try to say this without hyperventilating while being calm. The next episode is called “Gemini I” and features love interest, Iku Mizushima. Wait just a moment *squeals in the background and does a little dance*. Anyway, from what I remember…he’s a student-teacher of some sort… o_O? What does Tsukiko have to do with him? HE IS MINE!

Until next time!
~ sakuraXXyume


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