Yumekui Merry 09: Accurate Premonitions and Crazy Face Syndrome

*Smug face* ;3

I do believe that my premonitions about the series are quite correct. It’s a good thing that they are too or else I would have made a fool out of myself.

A kick and a swing is all it takes.


The plot is slowly being trickled through every episode. We learn that a dream demon literally resides in their host’s dream and that termination of the demon results in the destruction of the human counterpart.

Treesea apparently has the power to jump in and out of dreams that are in range of the Lighthouse’s power. Her constant hunt for dream demons is the reason as to why the desire is disappearing within the school. It’s ironic because Treesea is also a teacher cum counselor. Can you guess who it is? Can you guess who the target is?

Previous to this episode, I had always believed that it was the muma who created the daydream. The powers that they possess always seem to be related to their particular world. If this is the case then it is likely that the demon’s power derive from their host. A powerful host will give way to stronger abilities. The demons in the beginning of the anime were incredibly weak as a result of their hosts not having adequate dreams.

This poses a new challenge. How do they eliminate the enemies without destroying the dream?

I think that I may have a solution to this. Chizuru was holding a gun and grabbed an artifact which may or may not be a piece of the dream. She was loading up this revolver with the dream fragment and I assume that she will be able to assist our protagonists with this new challenge.

And yes, the target of Treesea is Isana.Treesea also happens to be that teach who loves rice. I wonder if her plant-like powers have any relation to the rice.

Anyways, I assumed that the teacher was an evil of some description. However, I would have never guessed that he was Treesea.Chizuru is also revealed to be a dream demon but one that has been trailing Treesea, therefore she must be an ally. Things are beginning to make more sense.

Another point that was brought up is that Yumeji and Merry are not attached. Merry does NOT have any involvement with Yumeji’s dreams although John Doe may. I’m certain that this will have great effect in the future.

Cutsy moments are still abundent to my pleasure.

Maybe she is already possessed. ;O

I love this art style. It's very much relevant to my interests.

Chizuru is picking up pieces... maybe it's a way to save the dream!

At a loss.

– Jacqivarius


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2 Responses to Yumekui Merry 09: Accurate Premonitions and Crazy Face Syndrome

  1. Itachi says:

    Sadly this time, Isana has been involved in the daydream. Muma will invade her?! Yumeji and Merry must do something…

  2. mason says:

    i also suffer from crazy face syndrome.
    please help me

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