Hourou Musuko 06: The Festival

If you were once a boy but are now a girl, is it crossdressing to revert back to a boy?

I’m beginning to remember why this series interested me so much. It’s just nice to watch.

WAAAAAAAAH! It's not scary at all but let's use it to vent our nervousness, and ruin the haunted house, by running around and screaming! WAAAAAAAH!


There are usually three parts to a Japanese school festival (according to anime at least). Cafes are a must, a scattering of haunted houses, and one large scale event such as a play! In this sense, Hourou Musuko accomplishes to provide a most generic festival yet it’s still nice. Fluffy instead of the usual oppressive affair.

Sexy maid cafe! Except that they're high school students and that would be a crime.

Phew, after the oppressive air of the previous episodes, this is a nice change of pace. It’s a festival! Everyone is festive, well except Chiba but that was to be expected.
The only conflict, if you can call it a conflict, would be Mako’s battle with self confidence. He’s not the most attractive male and as such is not the most attractive female. There’s a constant pressure that Nitori should have been Juliet and it’s heartwarming to see him overcome this issue on his own power.

A grand end to a wonderful play.

I’m not sure if I mentioned this in a previous post but I really dislike how they skipped the elementary arc. For those who had not read the manga, Yuki is an enigma. The first thirty seconds would mean nothing as no one understands that this dapper looking man is actually a transsexual. She is the reason why Nitori and Takatsuki are so comfortable with each other. She is the main motivation and emotional tie. As a previous male whom was bullied incessantly for cross-dressing, Hiroyuki is a representation of what may happen to Nitori. It’s a bit… irksome that the anime never explains any of this. For god’s sake, she has bought bras and panties for our lead protagonist! That has to count for something.
On a side note, Yuki even stars in her own manga. In the Takako Shimura’s short story collection Boku wa, Onna no ko, Yuki is the main character in “Hana”. It’s a Hourou Musuko prequel in a way.

I still don't see why Maiko is so popular. I guess I don't like cutsy.

Anna is so nonchalant. ;3

That moustache.

Ooh, I'm debating as to whether or not I should post Hourou twice!

– Jacqivarius


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4 Responses to Hourou Musuko 06: The Festival

  1. Jo says:

    Best part of the episode was definitely the haunted house…coming a close second would be Chiba giving the flowers to Mako. It was such a nice moment.

    The great thing about this series is that things continually move forward. Things happen, people move on. Maybe because its only 11 episodes.
    It was something I was thinking when I was watching one of the recent episodes..how much better this show is compared to Kimi ni Todoke, where nothing ever really happens..


    • jacqivarius says:

      Yeah, I do enjoy this show much more than Kimi ni Todoke. KnT takes a while before it picks up but it plucks all the right strings when it does.

      Also, I saw your blog post. You’ve caught up with the manga right? You see what I mean about the elementary part? ;o

      • Jo says:

        Yeah I know what you mean…when I first started watching this show, I think it was the first or second episode where Yuki appeared. I though, who is this person and what has it got to do with anything??
        Now its like, wow..if it wasn’t for her, a lot of things would have turned out quite differently..
        You can see how much Takatsuki looks up to Yuki when she showed up to the school… she was so happy..^^


  2. Dop says:

    I loved the bit where Yuki and her guy (Shii?) were walking along the school corridor, and Yuki was saying how that was the girls’ toilet they pushed her into, and that was the cupboard she was locked, in, and Shii said “Your memories are really sad”.

    Yes, they were, but she’d risen above it – and if the same happens to Nitori we can hope he will be able to rise above it also.

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