Beelzebub EP 5&6: The Zebul Spell Dispute

Who's the real demon now?

To all those who have older sisters, we all know how it’s like. Especially Serenata; her sister rages at her when she doesn’t buy cookies. No, seriously – I’ve seen it for myself.

A two-episode summary in four sentences? I’ll give it a shot.

In episode five, Tatsumi comes across an insanely rich delinquent who attends Ishiyama High and requests for a battle (yet again). As usual, Tatsumi’s “mission” is to find someone who’s even more barbaric, ruthless and stronger than him so that he can ditch baby Beelze.

In episode six, Hilda brings home some toys from the demon world for Beelze to play, who in returns, decides to go for the “Let’s Play Doctor” set. However, for the game to end, the doctor has to cure a patient and guess who the doctor is…and the nurses.

And and and…phew. Let’s throw in some details.

Episode 5:

As we would’ve known since episode 4, Beelzebub is a very paranoid baby (who likes things which normal babies wouldn’t and shouldn’t). In the middle of the night, Beelze decides to be even more paranoid and in order to calm him down, Tatsumi gets him to listen to heavy metal at full blast. With headphones, of course. But before long, the idiot trips over the cord causing his sister to throw a fit. So now he’s sleep deprived.

The Zebul Marking

Our ruthless protagonist soon finds a marking on his hand known as the “Zebul Spell” – the symbol of Tatsumi’s contract with Beelzebub. It indicates the power of the Demon Lord’s current ‘parent’ and the more it expands and grows along the parent’s arm, the stronger they are. So in order to reverse the spell, the ingenious Furuichi advises our great protagonist to not fight and punch anyone anymore.

“Understood, no more fighting for me.
Listen Furuichi, as long as I stop hitting people, this mark will get smaller and smaller. Then, my contract with Baby Beelze will be broken.
I’ve made up my mind! I won’t punch people! I won’t make them grovel before me! Thus I will be what people call a super nice guy!”

Uh, no. You’d be, like, a normal person.

Look carefully at where the red arrow is pointing to.

Soon after, Oga punches Furuichi, breaking the promise he made a second ago. Back to square 1.

Another delinquent from Tohoshinki, Himekawa, then plans to keep “Oga’s Wife” as a hostage to lure Tatsumi. As his men try to beat up Oga on the streets and as the said man made a promise, he runs away and swims across a river, just so that the Zebul Spell won’t grow.

Whilst Tatsumi is swimming across the river, Hilda and Furuichi are drugged and taken in as hostages for Himekawa. Hiding inside is Alaindelon (who has also become a hostage) and Oga magically pops out of nowhere as Alaindelon ‘gives birth’.

The great protagonist now faces Himekawa of Tohoshinki who cowardly uses plate armour and a tazor. Nevertheless, Oga manages to punch through the armour, but as he does this, the Zebul Spell begins to react and soon enough, evolving enormously as Oga finishes with a blast. Literally.

I'm a Super Nice Guy.

So now this leads onto Episode 6:

Having played only video games for a whole week has led to Oga successfully reverting the spell! That is, until Hilda smashes his games into smithereens.

Hilda brings back some toys from the demon world for Baby Beelze and Oga to play with together! That then leads to Hilda and Oga getting trapped in a cage made to hold magical beasts, so in order to escape, the two try to convince the young Demon Lord to put the correct shapes into the correct key blocks.

Forgot to mention but the Hand Manual can ‘LOL’. It even makes fun of Oga (as seen above).

Fail Parenting:

Baby Beelze, after being so deeply confused, decides to roll around in circles just like any normal baby would. For once. He then discovers the key blocks and picks up a circle block…to which he attempts to put into the triangle. His parents look at him and quote:

“Is he stupider than a Chimpanzee?”

Beelze turns violent cause it won’t fit and ends up breaking Oga and Hilda’s only way out of a magical beast capturing ca – forget it. Oga breaks his way out anyways. Along with the Zebul Spell returning to its former state. One week’s worth of being well-behaved: WASTED.

Back at school, baby Beelze decides to open a chest which transforms Furuichi and Oga into nurses and Beelze into a doctor. Unfortunately, the costumes can’t be removed unless the doctor heals at least one patient.

Here are a few strange things found in the Demon Medicine Tool Box:

Er, what?

Don't be surprised.

Indeed helpful to cure patients (:

The trio experiment with the tools above. Freezing them, sticking tools in their arses and giving them needles. So now, the “patients” are unconscious and finally, the stupid medicine box decides to tell them that the tool on Beelze’s head was in fact a magical healing tool. Hooray, the costumes are removed at last!

The Zebul spell reverts yet again ^^

…Until the delinquents decide to get payback, which then causes Oga to kick the box. Blowing up everything, making Oga pissed, beating the crap out of it… thus transforming the Zebul spell back to its former state. AGAIN.



I’m starting to think that the creators of Beelzebub must love Sony. Sony PlayStation Portable and now Sony PlayStation2. Anyways, its funny how Tatsumi vows to get rid of the spell yet he makes it even worse at time.

Nevertheless, please contribute to the poll below. Beware of the MOE-NESS which follows.

They’re so sexy aren’t they? ;P




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14 Responses to Beelzebub EP 5&6: The Zebul Spell Dispute

  1. All hail Furuchi’s crossdressing moe.

  2. I just tried imagining Hilda and I can’t just describe it

  3. Itachi says:

    I’m rooting for Hilda(although its just imaginary). The girl cosplay is more moe~ >.<

  4. Haha, Oga looks like one of those evil and stingy old nurses from the pic XD

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