Fractale 08: Clones

It's only fatherly affection! And priestly. He's also a fleet commander. Isn't this an abuse of power?

Phyrne! Phyrne V2! Phyrne V3, V4, V5! … this is all rather messed up.

Is that an angel? The blurriness is on purpose.


Previously, Clain had been shot and the Church was closing in. With capture being inevitable, Phyrne decides that Clain’s life is more important than escape. Meanwhile, Nessa is not tangible and was able to escape.

Inside of a Church stronghold, Phyrne is inspected as to whether or not she is “qualified” to continue being the key. Threats are made, Clain’s life is at stake but contrary to conventional though, he is not in any danger. His guard is Phyrne. A clone of Phyrne to be exact whom Clain manages to persuade in order to escape.

By doing so, he mention his special Phyrne and is led into a laboratory where we now see why the original Phyrne is so disgusted with the church. Clones, a mass production of clones, all of them ready to become a key.

What is a key?

The key, we can discern, most definitely holds the power to destroy the Fractale System and the Church’s power over the masses. This key happens to be Phyrne and is linked to her virginity, typical of a church. The strange the is that they are cloning her. I would think that a key would not be reproduced if it had the power to destroy the Church. It’s counter-intuitive. Well, churches normally are.

The way that the Church is depicted is very well done. The rooms of their hideout are barren. There is an evident lack of warm colours and approachable objects. It’s not and efficient use of space, which may have been intended, the rooms are ridiculously spacious. The primary leader of the Church also happens to be a complete creeper. Not only this, but the subjects have never shown their faces. I think that this creates a hatred for these people.

It’s good. I like it.

Keeping with the dystopian vibe of the Church, there is a lot of looking down; this is especially true in the case of Phyrne and her clones. While I don’t know what this may signify, it’s worth mentioning. I feel as if this is a homage to the cold nature that Phyrne has shown to us before. The way that she views the world, her morals, everything is skewed when compared to the norm. It’s the face that she shows when she dislikes something. Perhaps it is a way to physically show that she is beginning to conform and learn to love (lucky Clain).

Fucking creepy.

Nessa flexing her new found powers.

I do wonder why they chose to cover his face with another tube. Asthetics?


This is quite sad. I feel that the mood is going to change from here on.

– Jacqivarius



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