Level E 10: Poaching

Colour Rangers!

Well, it seems like the cast is properly establish at this point. That’s alright, I can’t remember half of the characters to begin with; the exception is of course Kraft simply because he’s awesome.

An episode on mermaids. How long has it been since I last heard of mermaids?


It’s the last mermaid! Poachers are exploiting this mermaid for every penny they can make. The catch is, they cannot lie to her for death will be certain. Apparently, lying to a mermaid causes her to impale you with her tongue. Not very pleasant if you ask me.

Invariably, the poachers grow tired of the small income she pulls in. Obviously, big money is better than reliability. They intend to sell her and/or her body parts. The colour rangers step in and a warming scene is divulged.

Mermaid ass. How a mermaid can have an shapely buttocks?, don't ask me.

Well, well. I’m not sure if it was noticeable but there was a distinct lack of style in my previous posts. Likely due to the fact that I’m busy in the world of reality but my problems are not yours. Maybe I’m crazy. I think that I’m simply crazy. Whatever, I’m here to ramble about anime am I not?

So, the prince! He’s missing from this episode. I’m shocked because he has been in every episode so far. I guess his shenanigans have begun to grate on the nerves of the viewers. The thing is, the cast of characters in Level E is so flexible that it doesn’t matter. Cameos are common place especially since that one baseball player is returning next episode. It’s great for a comedy show. Development isn’t the main focus anyways, it’s a good thing to draw from a vast amount of interesting characters.

Every episode also seems to include a small moral. It’s like a kids show but with adult themes sprinkled in. The message in this one is that lying is bad and you should never leave things undone. I guess that’s nice but for the audience that watches this anime I feel it’s not appropriate.

What a badass.

I'm not sure what that message is. If it's regarding the earthquake or something of similar value, I can forgive it.

If only the entire series had such detailed charicatures.

It turns out that the poachers were modifying their voices to deceive her.

A bit of help from the lovely teacher.

She only has split fins so they can justify her curvatures.

– Jacqivarius


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One Response to Level E 10: Poaching

  1. I really liked this episode. It did away with the humor for the most part, and took a nice close look at the friends in the Chromatic Squadron. It was a nice change of pace, and nice to see their teacher is still looking out for them. =)

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