Kaichou wa Maid-Sama Ch.58 / The Successor

Maid Latte Cosplay Day! *AHEM* Spring Cleaning! Featuring Misaki Ayuzawa.

Recap: Maria-sensei stops the spying butler from interrupting Misaki and Usui at the theme park. Misa-chan finally confesses to Usui so now they’re an official couple, boyfriend and girlfriend.

Summary: The manager decides to get everyone to help out with spring cleaning and they find all these costumes from previous events. Thus getting Misa-chan to wear all kinds of costumes and dragging Usui in it too.

And the flowers of moe♥ bloom again! (LOL! The manager's having a nose bleed)

Now having announced to everyone that Misa-chan and Usui are officially together, the manager goes wild and little Aoi-chan is jealous.

The hidden troubles of the Walker Family have been revealed!

I’m sure we’re all well aware of the fact that due to Takumi being an illegitimate child and hence a scandalous flaw to the Walker family, Takumi was disowned and adopted into the Usui family. However, slowly he is being dragged back into the Walker family with the first step as Maria-sensei, whose task was to transfer Usui to Miyabigaoka.

Cedric (AKA. the Butler) later phones Gerard-sama (Usui’s half-brother) and reports Usui’s whereabouts outside of Maid Latte. Later, upon hearing his Master coughing, he assumes it’s ‘that’ again.

It has been predicted for Gerard-sama, that due to his health conditions, he will be unable to become the successor to the Walker family, so Takumi will.


A new semester begins! And the 3 idiots start fantasizing and Usui, yet again, continues to tease Misa-chan.

Blabberings: MOE ♥ MOE ♥ KYUN ~! Bbt oh-so-scandalous.
His family has so many issues, honestly….Well, Gerard is ill and trying to forcefully transfer Usui to Miyabi, but to also hire a butler/spy is a bit too much. If Usui doesn’t become the second successor, and Gerard’s condition is still as it is, then what’s going to happen o_o?

Nevertheless, may we always make great use of Misa-chan in Spring Cleaning! And the Perverted-outer-space-alien… stalker (?)!



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