Yumekui Merry 10: A matter of time.

I wish that I could paint. Or draw. Or write.

Regret? I thought that she had no emotions. Lying isn't an emotion is it?

With Isana harbouring a dream demon, Yumeji and his cohorts are in complete disarray. He seeks aid from Play, who seems to be the only demon able to open a portal into the dream world, and attempts to remain steadfast… sort of.Time is running short though, as reports to the “Lighthouse” are near immediate.
Chizuru pays a visit to the coffee shop, not to see Isana but to Yumeji. It is revealed that she is indeed possessed by a muma. Not only that but this demon is revenge crazy for the infamous Treesea.

Leon has an insane look on his face. I'm sure that he'll be a bother in the future.

I really enjoy how Yumeji isn’t the idiotic hero who simply rushes headlong into battle. He’s a fairly regular guy who tries to think logically even though his lifelong friend is in peril. I mean, he does have traits that are… questionable like jumping in front of a thaumaturgic blade aimed to kill but it allowed Merry to win the fight amiright?
There’s also the mention of the “Three Act Play” which seem to be a group opposing the Lighthouse. Merry is lumped together with those people so could they be potential allies? At least, Three Act Play is a fancy name so I can approve of that.

Aww, cute.


There are a lot of flashbacks huh?


Okay, the flashbacks are cute but three of them?


– Jacqivarius


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One Response to Yumekui Merry 10: A matter of time.

  1. Itachi says:

    Leon character appearance looks strong and it is possible for Yumeji and Merry to encountering the fights with him. Elcres(the final bos) finally makes his appearance for the first time and he looks kinda strong. Wipe out other Numa like just burning some trashes.
    *I think Kawanami is a free fan-service this time.

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