Fractale 09: Showdown

Without regard to consequences, people move forwards trusting in their beliefs.

An edict and a call to arms.

Nessa is the soul while Phyrne is the body.

A final moment of happiness.

– Jacqivarius


About jacqivarius

"I often have long conversations all by myself, and I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying."
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3 Responses to Fractale 09: Showdown

  1. This episode was pretty good, and just finished watching Ep. 10 as well. This showdown between the temple and LM is really building up, although I do wonder what hope the temple would have of resetting the Fractale network even if Phryne and Nessa were to join. They both seem to have the same values of LM, and Nessa has shown she’s quite capable of destroying Fractale areas if she’s trying to protect Clain. Would their combined form just destroy the network once and for all?

    • jacqivarius says:

      I don’t think that it’s a matter of choice, their individuality would likely be irrelevant when they combine. It’s much more technical than that. And Nessa herself is still an enigma. She’s been having bouts of fever ever since they approached Xanadu. I’m not sure if she’ll be constantly able to defend Clain or if her power has a limit.

      Also, I’m sorry for being so slow to post. >.<

  2. Yeah, I think that’s going to be the big question. A few episodes back, it looked like Barrot had his people hacking into Nessa, which is likely the virus that has been assaulting her, and it seems there may be other problems with her seeing as she’s been flickering in and out like a malfunction. My concern is that a combined Phryne / Nessa might think the best way to protect Clain is to keep the Fractale system going in the end regardless of whatever influence Barrot may have in the matter. Ah well, I guess we’ll find out soon enough. Only one episode to go!

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