Starry Sky Ep 11+12 (Gemini I+II)

Iku Mizushima’s awaited debut ~

Pertains to his star sign Gemini.


Episode 11 (Gemini I)

The episode starts out with Iku and a girl on a date. “Kota-nii” (Kotarou Hoshizuki, the school doctor of Seigetsu Academy) comes in and the date breaks off. Kotarou then invites Iku to join Seigetsu Academy as a student-teacher.

Left to right: Kotarou, Iku

And the flashbacks are back!

We see Iku living happily with his twin, Yui, and that the two live with Kotarou. Yui has been sick since birth and needs a lot of care. Being a nice twin, Iku tries his best to please his sister whilst composing music.

The end of flashback.

Iku arrives in Seigetsu and sees Tsukiko, thinking that she resembles Yui…a lot.

Here's Tsukiko...

And here's Yui.

Since Iku is such a playboy (as he doesn’t believe in love due), he sexually harasses Tsukiko. Then there are more flashbacks of Iku, Yui, and Kotarou.

Episode 11 (Gemini II)

Yui wonders if Kotarou has someone he likes and admits to Iku that she confessed to him. Few days later, Yui finally succumbs to her sickness and dies.

After that, Iku no longer sings. The episode travels back to the present time where Iku is walking alongside Tsukiko at “Star Road” where she says that she will only walk there with the person she likes.

Iku and Tsukiko start to argue about what love is really like.  Iku pulls a deal with her; the conditions are that Iku and Tsukiko will play a one month limit lovers’ game. If Iku loses, he will believe that love is not a game but if Tsukiko loses, she will forget her little “fantasies” about love. Tsukiko agrees and Iku’s arc ends here.


What I really like about Iku is his EPIC HOTNESS :D personality and attitude. It’s a nice change of pace from all the boys who try to get lovely dovey with Tsukiko and/or protect her. In Iku’s case, he wants to “ruin her”. Not that I want him to “do bad things” to her but Iku isn’t really fawning over Tsukiko like the other boys.

Left to Right: Iku, Naoshi-sensei (another love interest), Kotarou

Teachers in the student uniform while Tsukiko teacher's clothes? xD


I can't seem to tell what that animal is...

Scene from the Starry Sky ~in Autumn~ Opening Theme

O///O turned into =/////=

O///O --> =/////= ---> O_O

The final formation~

Next Episode Preview:

“Cancer I”

Suzuya Tohzuki is the next love interest and one of Tsukiko’s childhood friends. He has the same star constellation as me ^^. Let’s see how he does ~



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