Watashi ni XX Shinasai! Vol. 2

Dun dun dun dun.

Yukina tells Shigure that she’ll forgive him for ditching her in a mob of gangstas crazy fangirls only if he completes Mission 6…calling out her name.

…To which he does, though reluctantly.

In Mission 7, Shigure get to “Do What He Wants To Do”. As Shigure keeps to his image, he doesn’t get to be his true self. However, with the thanks to Yukina, he can. Towards the end of the chapter, Shigure calls Yukina cute…which (of course) leads to a great deal of misunderstandings.

VERY misleading ^^"

At home, Yukina fusses about being called cute. The next day at school, Yukina drags Shigure into being her Art partner. Yukina confronts Shigure about yesterday’s event and Yukina comes out with another mission…with Shigure to confess his love to her. Shigure refuses to comply and Yukina runs away in tears. She runs into Akira (her cousin) and then AKIRA confesses.

Yukina decides to dump Shigure and take in Akira as her new “love partner”. In doing so, she adds a new character named Knight Cain (inspired by Akira) into her cell phone novel. The next day, Akira tells Shigure that he is no longer needed anymore since Akira has already given his confession. Because of this, Shigure gets really pissed off. Yukina, who was observing the two from the sidelines, comes out to state that Mission 9 is…to struggle over her!

Shigure straight off rejects the idea and walks away (but only around the corner). He overhears the conversation between Yukina and Akira, where Akira invites Yukina to sleep over. Hence, making Shigure REALLY REALLY PISSED when Yukina agrees.

Akira leaves and Yukina just HAPPENS to round the corner, and Shigure pulls at her. During his jealous rage, Shigure makes a deal with Yukina (O_O). Shigure agrees to play a love game with Yukina as he DOES NOT like Akira stealing Yukina away. Since Shigure will not fall in love with Yukina (stubborn man), he will MAKE her fall in love with him…

This volume also includes a cute oneshot about how Yukina’s parents fell in love. (*^_^*). Wakana (Yukina’s mother) fell in love with Kagano (Yukina’s father) because of her “plain people” fetish. When she tells Kagano this, Kagano harshly states that people might not like “being plain”. The two eventually reconcile nevertheless. ^^;

Shigure bears a striking resemblance to Kagano...as does Yukina to her mother

Until next time!


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