Kimi Ni Todoke 2nd Season Ep. 6 / And it’s already over…while I’m only halfway there.

Despite this being terribly late – very late – prepare yourselves; episode six will elicit the worst and best of your affections and annoyance.


Following from the previous episode, Kazehaya stumbles upon the ultimate crime scene between Sawako and Kent. On an instinctive whim, our hero declares war against the flamboyant blond and Sawako, fearing the approach of a blood bath, attempts to explain the situation…which thus leads us to blame Kent – the source of all trouble this season so far. Even so, Kazehaya has yet to punch the blond as many of the fans would have hoped or liked to see.

Ayane seems to think otherwise. Perhaps a punch alone won't do.

The trio – Kazehaya, Kent and Sawako – are soon met by Kazehaya’s friends who witness the following rom-com moment:

Burn jealously. Burn.

Pretty self-explanatory: “Kazehaya (Angry?)” + “Flamboyant dude?” + “Sadako!! (Crying)” = Not. A. Good. Combination.

Kazehaya’s friends joke about how misleading the situation seems and how it implies that Kazehaya and Kent are fighting over “Sadako”. Having just about enough, Kazehaya snaps and – wait for it – confesses to Sawako. No round-about ways with “I thought I was the closest with you out of all the guys” but literally “I like you”.

Let’s give a round of applause for Kazehaya before sinking into sobs for what’s to follow.

Love the symbolism.

Unfortunately for Kazehaya, Sawako’s lack of self-confidence plus Kent’s comment “Kazehaya has someone he likes”, leads the shy girl to misbelieve his words, going so far as to say how Kazehaya’s “like” to different to hers. Taken aback, Kazehaya smiles sadly…

Do excuse me as I go grab a tissue.

…And one for Sawako too.

Basically said, Kazehaya and Sawako wallow in misery thereafter and will continue to do so over the next two episodes, believing all the while that they’ve been rejected by the other. With the school festival just around the corner, Chizuru and Ayane attempt to knock some sense into Sawako…and Pin too, just…in his own comedic way.

And that’s about it for episode – tragedy, comedy and lovely graphics (yes, there’s more bubbles) all blended into one.

Had I not known better, I would have thought she's wearing makeup.

Thought Bubble:

Blabberings, thought bubble, whatever. It’s essentially the same.

You! Where did you steal my cookies?! Oh wait. That should be Jo’s line ;P

You’ve got to admit, jealously is what the fans love about Kazehaya. I’m sucker for fictional, possessive guys too, just as 99.9% of shoujo fan girls would. So despite the beginning of this episode being a tad bit reminiscent of season one’s Sawako x Ryuu misunderstanding, I had no complaints. A jealous Kazehaya is an awesome Kazehaya.

Nice angle! Try and beat that Kurumi :)

Expect more picture spams later on as obviously the next few episodes will be nothing but slow progress between our favourite couple.


Just Give Up.

Ryuu’s eyebrows are so thin.

– Serenata.


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7 Responses to Kimi Ni Todoke 2nd Season Ep. 6 / And it’s already over…while I’m only halfway there.

  1. Jo says:

    Where are my cookies??!


  2. Jo says:

    I dunno…I’ve watched up to episode 10, and will probably watch 11&12 tomorrow if I have time…
    but it was around episode 6 and 7, when I kinda felt that things were getting annoying…damn misunderstandings.. nothing was really happening, it just kept on going around in circles…
    Every week I tune in, and after I watch it I want to punch something.. thank goodness for Ayane and Chizuru..


    • Ep 8 left the biggest cliffhanger ever. Sawako’s ultimate confession and BAM, ED credits roll in. I was pretty pissed off at that and yeah, episode 6 and 7 were annoying. I guess the comedy sort of made up for it though…I GUESS.

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