Cardfight!! Vanguard Ep 9+10 (The Shop Tournament Begins+Enter the Ninja Fighter)

Yay! The long awaited shop tournament begins!

A beautiful day for a vanguard tournament~


Episode 9 (The Shop Tournament Begins)

Aichi is scared and anxious of the tournament.

Aichi's nervous face...

He duels against Izaki (Morikawa’s friend) and finds out that he isn’t the only one anxious.

Izaki's nervous face o_O

And the winner of Round 1 from Block A is…

Wait for it…


Cheers for the protagonist! :)

Episode 10 (Enter the Ninja Fighter)

It’s the second round and Aichi isn’t as nervous as before. His next opponent is…

Certainly an interesting young man indeed...^^"

ANYWAY, Aichi has a tough time fighting “Ninja Master M” (referred to as NMM hereafter) who possesses a “Nubatama Ninja Force” deck.

So scary~ :D

The fight drags on and dun dun dun dun…Aichi is depleted of his hand and there remains only one hope left. Insert cliff-hanger.

*dramatic music plays in*

Next Episode Preview:

“Ninja Fighter Withdraws!”

A very interesting fight it seems. Episode 10 has been the most satisfying, thank goodness, so hopefully, episode 11 will be just as good. Eager for the next episode now~

A preview of Galatin slashing NMM's Grade 3 Monster~

Until next time!


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