Log: Black Prophecy

Day 1
It’s my first day one the job and I’m stuck on an escorting settlers, on a gunner no less! At least Commander Noah is onboard as well. It’ll help ease the boredom. Frak, the intercom must be broken. Command is sounding more and more like a robot. My brain hurts.

19:00 hours
We’re being attacked by Jadd Baron ships! Frak, they’re everywhere! My targeting system doesn’t work and the intercom is still on the fritz. Who do the Jadd Baron think they are? Do they want to start a war? DAMMIT, my intercom. The music just kicked up decibels. What a way to start… the pay better be good.

21:00 hours
The attack has been thwarted. Commander Noah made me his wingman and gave me a ship, a pile of junk though. And command still won’t answer any of my questions. I hope we get to Spire soon.

21:30 hours
Since my intercom is broken and the music keeps fluctuating, I thought I would watch some T.V. only to have my eardrums bleed from the screeching of the news caster. Frak my life.

22:00 hours
We’ve reached Spire but the Jadd Baron are back. My ship is so sluggish! Our fleet is being decimated. I’m hit!

22:20 hours
I’m still alive and well. My ship needs to run diagnostics. I wish I could go help my comrades. This is idiotic.

23:00 hours
I think my intercom is bugged again. There’s only silence. Now it’s pitch black.

24:00 hours
I quit. World of Warcraft is much more fun than flying around in this piece of junk.

So, as you can probably tell by now, I was playing a video game. The Black Prophecy US closed beta just came out and I was invited. “An MMO, in space?!” were my sentiments at the time but as my anticipation mounted, I was sorely disappointed.

The voice acting, while I’ve seen worse, is not pleasing. As I started up the game and created my character, I was greeted by a forced nerd voice whose grating voiced was drowned out by an unfitting orchestral score and a plethora of random effects. I endured this hardship, waiting to soar through space in my fighter; I was stuck in a gunner position whose target acquisition device must have been broken. Twenty thousand ships assailed us and I had to shoot them all down before another cut-scene broke out.

This time, it was a robot newscaster. The overbearing music still hadn’t finished and even though I turned down the settings, it grew louder every second. The robotic voice was worse than the nerd’s. I was growing impatient.

We arrived at our destination and I flew around for a bit on my fighter. My comrades kept repeating the word “fraking”. My guess is that this was space-talk for “fuck”. We were attacked again. The robot had kindly informed me of three factions though I could barely make out a coherent sentence.

I crashed, flew back, and fought off the enemies. Another cut-scene. This time, it was pitch black and silent. I took this as a sign and closed the game. I then played WoW.

It may sound like I’m bashing the game, and I am but only for the crappy tutorial. The controls were fluent enough to warrant another go. It’s the incessant bugs that annoyed me enough to stop playing. To be honest, I could care less for the story. If I wanted to understand the world, I would read Michael Marrak’s Black Prophecy instead. However, this is the opening sequence, of course I’m going to sit through it no matter how horrible it is and horrible it was.

Oh well, beta is beta. I can’t complain that much.

– Jacqivarius


About jacqivarius

"I often have long conversations all by myself, and I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying."
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3 Responses to Log: Black Prophecy

  1. This is officially our first GAMES post ever. Congrats ;D

  2. yasulong says:

    Hey, at least you CAN play it. Me, my region isn’t right and despite i waited this game from last year, all i can do is weep

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