Starry Sky Ep 13+14 (Cancer I+II)

Suzuya “Suzu-chan” Tohzuki’s arc ~


Episode 13 (Cancer I)

Oh dear, here come the flashbacks…again. *sigh*

Basically more childhood scenes of Suzuya, Kanata, and Tsukiko together this episode. Kazuki comes into the picture and everyone’s happy cause they all treat him like an older brother…until the warehouse incident occurs (the very same one from Kazuki’s arc). Suzuya, angered by what happened to Tsukiko (something to do with bullying), punches Kazuki in the gut tells Kazuki to stay away from them.

Kanata and Suzuya decide to keep this fault in their relationship a secret from Tsukiko, who was asleep at the time. The childhood trio enroll into Seigetsu Academy and Suzuya wonders if he can ever forgive Kazuki (since Kazuki is still Seigetsu Academy’s student council president) for placing Tsukiko in harm. The episode ends with Suzuya wondering if he can stay by Tsukiko’s side forever.

Episode 14 (Cancer II)

This time, Yoh appears. Grrrrrr. AHEM. Anyway, Suzuya begins to hide his real emotions so that his childhood friends Kanata and Tsukiko can be happy. However, Suzuya wonders if he can truly happy for Tsukiko when she finds her own “prince”. One day, Suzuya finds Tsukiko after class making plans for a surprise farewell party for Yoh (who is leaving for America). Suzuya asks Tsukiko if she’ll feel lonely after Yoh leaves to which she says yes. Suzuya then asks her if she likes Yoh. Her response:

Oh snap...

Suzuya is depressed and angry surprised by her answer. However, he asks:


And Suzuya’s arc ends…


I would’ve killed to see Tsukiko’s answer to Suzuya’s confession :)

Let’s see how many love interests we have down:

~in Spring~ Yoh, Kanata, Suzuya

~in Summer~ Homare (still need Miyaji Ryuunoske, Azusa Kinose)

~in Autumn~ Iku (Naoshi Haruki, Kotarou Hoshizuki are missing ^^)

~in Winter~ Kazuki, Tsubasa (Hayato Aozora is the only one left~)

So we still need five more love interests BUT there’s actually six, if including a special love interest with an Ophiuchus star sign.

My b-day is a little after his ^^

Chibis of the ~in Spring~ season love interests :)


Did I mention he knows how to cook?

They're looking at their wedding rings >;)

Next Arc Preview:

“Leo I+II”

Naoshi Haruki is our next love interest for Tsukiko. ^^ Another person from Starry Sky’s ~in Autumn~ season (in other words, Naoshi is another teacher who works in Seigetsu Academy).

Until next time!


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2 Responses to Starry Sky Ep 13+14 (Cancer I+II)

  1. Azure Hoshizora says:

    I really wanted to at least finish watching the spring characters but anyway, I kind of fell asleep at episode 8 & 9. Didn’t wake up by the time episode 10 aired. Gave up by 11.

    I think Suzuya x Tsukiko is probably my favourite pairing though.

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