Kimi Ni Todoke 2nd Season Ep. 7 / Don’t mess with Kurumi.

29. PIC OF THE DAY; The Slap.

In an attempt to make up for the lack of development between our favourite couple, I’ve decided to provide a mountain load of pictures this time round. Feel free to stare at those and hopefully, you’ll be able get a laugh or two from their whimsical captions.


1. Hmmmmm

2. Ryuu!

Whilst Sawako and Kazehaya continue to sulk in their misunderstood romance, the school busily prepares for its upcoming festival.

3. Love hurts.

4. Dun dun dun.


5. Sawako, that bitch!; thinks Kurumi.

Kazehaya consults with Ryuu about his rejection and Kurumi, being a stalker, overhears the conversation. Pissed as hell, Kurumi runs off to find you-know-who.





Sawako, shocked by Kurumi’s sudden declaration of “we’re no longer rivals”, provides comedy relief despite her pitiful situation.

9. Again, Kurumi crying...

But of course, the humour can only last for so long before Sawako eventually returns to her depression and a crying Kurumi rage at the said heroine. Realisation dawns upon Sawako as she begins to question whether she ever confessed any her feelings to Kazehaya properly…

10. ASAP.

That night, Sawako receives a text message.

11. How dare you have the guts to reject your wife!
Pin: How dare you reject Sawako :@
Kazehaya: I was the one that got rejected! :@ x2

12. Eh ;O

13. Serious talk.

Meanwhile, Pin and Kazehaya have a little talk together. Despite being an idiot, Pin catches onto the situation between Sawako and Kazehaya but decides not to tell. He retires for the night, but not without teasing Kazehaya first.

14. And the two girls make up ;)

Back at the girls’, Sawako and Chizuru reconcile from their previous fight. As for Kent…

16. Danger.


…his death awaits him.

17. LOL at Chizu's face.

In his dispute with Chizu and Yano-chin, Kent realises that Sawako is the one whom Kazehaya likes…a realisation which he happens to broadcast aloud.

18. Kent; Kazehaya likes you afterall Sawako-chan!

19. WHAT ;O


Both shocked and panicked at the blonde’s sudden outburst, Sawako attempts to amend the situation with the “it’s not like that” and “he’s like is different to mine” sort of comments.

20. Nice timing bro, nice timing...

Dun dun dun. And said guy just happens to walk in at the wrong time.


22. And the pitiful man walks away...

What are you doing Sawako?! Stop showing us your skinny legs and chase him! Kiss him! Hug him! Rape him! Whatever!

23. The apologetic look.

Pity won’t do you any good.

24. Death to Kent.

All hail Yano-chin (ノ´∀`)ノ.

Clearly displeased with the turn of events, particularly at a certain blonde’s interference, Yano –chin decides that she’s had just about enough and attempts to kill Kent. Unfortunately for her, Kurumi needs her Ume Juice from the vending machine.

25. And in comes Kurumi...

26. I get it ;O!

Ume juice and Kurumi…get it ;D?


A bitch fight ensures between the two fashion Queens.

28. And it's Kurumi's win...

With Kurumi

29. PIC OF THE DAY; The Slap.


30. HAHA!

Kent learns that Kurumi too, likes Kazehaya. Being the insensitive idiot he is, Kent suggests that if Sawako dated him then Kurumi would have Kazehaya. Kurumi’s response? Bitch slap.

31. Sorry Kent, but you deserved that.

32. More thinking for Sawako...

The episode ends with Sawako contemplating on her faults.

Thought Bubble:

Kurumi stole the spotlight this episode and as for Kent…the poor guy. True he’s a jerk, but at the same time he’s also another one of those lonely-but-wannabe-popular guys . Hence the “good guy” excuse that Yano pointed out. Poor Kent, getting bashed by all the girls this episode. But he deserved it.

One question remains though: did he simply want attention overall or did he want Sawako’s?

I’m leaning more on the latter. What about you?


Reaching You.


– Serenata


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6 Responses to Kimi Ni Todoke 2nd Season Ep. 7 / Don’t mess with Kurumi.

  1. Kimmichan says:

    The pictures are so high quality?!

  2. Ruby says:

    I already finished watching the last episode and let me tell you, it’s gonna be awesome!! ^w^

    • Ofcourse! It’s the moment that everyone’s been want for ^-^
      I’ve yet to finish episode 8 so till I completely watch the series in chronological order, I’ve decided not to touch episode 12 ;)

  3. Yi says:

    That slap is the best moment of the whole series!!

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