Mini Animania 19-3-11

Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls

I have at last returned to blogging, after a whole month of being bombarded with assignments left, right and center. But with that being said I some how managed to check out Mini Animania (Sydney, Australia), which was bloody awesome! Heaps of amazing cosplays ranging from lots of Soras (Kingdom Hearts) to cute and innocent maids.


There was the amazingly epic cosplay competition with the World Cosplay Summit preliminaries starting the event, followed by the Cosplay Cat-walk. Apart from the cosplay, there was also stalls and vendors which sold your ordinary to extraordinary Anime Merchandise, doodling competitions and a lot of people’s favourites in the games section, area, room whatever you want to call it.


Apart from these wonderful and marvellous things I was pretty disappointed with the amount of stalls to choose from. If I remember correctly, there was roughly 10 stalls? But I wasn’t really there to buy anything so it didn’t exactly bother me.

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– Kimmi.


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2 Responses to Mini Animania 19-3-11

  1. Ruby says:

    I love all the epic costumes, they look cool *-*

  2. jacqivarius says:

    I wonder why people use such hard waxes/gels when they cosplay. It’s possible to get the same lift with a softer product. Maybe cause it’s a wig? Or more likely because they don’t sell the same brands over there.

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