Cardfight!! Vanguard Ep 11+12 (Ninja Fighter Withdraws!+Aichi VS. Kamui!)

Fufufu~ We’re half-way through the tournament.

The pressure is excruciating.


Episode 11 (Ninja Fighter Withdraws!)

Aichi’s fight with NMM continues and he successfully wins despite having all odds against him. Cheers for our little protagonist! After Aichi’s match, the episode turns its attention to Misaki and Kamui, and their respective battles. Of course, the two win.

NMM has obtained six damage and therefore, loses the match

Now, the only contestants left are Aichi, Misaki, Kamui, and Kai. After lunch break the finals begin, with Misaki versus Kai, and Aichi up against Kamui.

Episode 12 (Aichi VS. Kamui!)

It’s the Vanguard finals and Aichi is faced against Kamui. Remembering their previous fight, Aichi takes precautions in fighting the middle-schooler. However, this episode ends when with yet another cliffhanger as Aichi and Kamui witness Kai winning against Misaki. Both are excited to be able to battle against Kai once more. Aichi and Kamui prepare to battle, determined to win the other and battle Kai.

While Kamui still wants to battle Kai, he also wants to "marry" Emi, Aichi's little sister

Next Episode Preview:

“The End of the Shop Tournament!”

Awww, it’s the end already? What about Aichi’s possible fight with Kai? I want to see it :O Oh well…

– sakuraXXyume


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