Hourou Musuko 09: Courage

The spring season has officially begun! Unfortunately, we’re still behind. ;o I’m sure we’ll manage somehow.

Back to the beginning, the original conflict.

Takatsuki finally has some time in the limelight. This episode revolves heavily around the cross-dressing aspect. I had almost forgotten what this show truly is. It’s about courage. To build confidence and find a place in the world. Chi-chan did it, Takatsuki has done it but what about Nitori? Limitations and stakes are much higher due to his gender.

Takatsuki really does look like a boy though. Moreso than any of the other characters, even the manly men, in my opinion.

Problems. I hate Doi.

Nitori and his dopey face. ;P

Calm and collected. This is coming from Chii?!

– Jacqivarius


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"I often have long conversations all by myself, and I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying."
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4 Responses to Hourou Musuko 09: Courage

  1. Yes, we’re terribly behind but with the holidays are starting today, hopefully kimmi, neko and me will be able to get back on track ^-^ Till then, hang on Jacq ~

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