Hourou Musuko 10: Better Half

Oh Nitori, why must you have the largest bollocks despite your aspirations to become a girl?

The lovely family intervention.

Our society is quite broken in a way, we place the strangest restrictions on ourselves. It was inevitable that this would end in sorrow. Nitori is now confined to the nurse’s office in fear of being bullied. His life will be infinitely more difficult from now on.

The author has a very unique way of telling the story. While this episode does focus on Nitori, the major plot events lie in short 30 second bursts. Seya visiting Yuki with Nitori, Doi being frustrated and kicking the fence, or Saori helping to write the script for the new play are all crucial to the development of the story.

So much has actually happened that it’s difficult to catalog all of the events within a couple of paragraphs. I guess pictures would prove to be adequate.

The MVP has to be Chii-chan. She is the only one who openly accepts Nitori and doesn't clam up. I doubt he would be able to go to school without her.

Seya, not Takatsuki, goes with Nitori.

Another important moment, he doesn't call Anna.

Everything is being undone.

Ugh, Momo just doesn't fit in with the rest of the group.

Had Nitori gone into the classroom, things may have been different.


A random confession making Takatsuki and ordinary girl. Important.


I doubt the story could have progressed had Saori been put into the same class as Nitori. She and Chii had to be moved to a different class.

Again, Seya proves his worth. He doesn't break up with Maho even though the entire school is trashing on Nitori (Shuuichi).

For the last time. Fucking Doi.

– Jacqivarius


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3 Responses to Hourou Musuko 10: Better Half

  1. Popopoped says:


  2. This was a good episode, showing the aftermath of Nitori going to school as a girl. It seemed to have a more raw feel to it. Nothing was over produced. No music cues. Pushing things forward through flashbacks. In a way it reflected how someone would retrace their thoughts of recent events, and not just plot development tools. It was a well put together episode. :)

  3. Flo says:

    I’m actually amazed that everybody see Doi like a bastard when he so obviously has a little crush on Nitori and wants him to dress like a girl at school because he finds him cute like this and not because he wants to humiliate him. And the “moron” sentence is there because he thinks Nitori is acting like a coward by running away from the class. Doi is never shown like a bad guy in Hourou Musuko screentime, but always like a very kind person, being the only one talking to Nitori during the bullying time or suggesting to make a genderbender play in order to help him coming back in class. I can’t understand why people think of him as a bad guy when there are evidence such as his disappointment when Nitori tells him he hates him or the scene where Doi says “I wanted you to tell me that you don’t really hate me !”. Don’t you agree ?

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