Kimi Ni Todoke 2nd Season Ep. 8 / Dun dun dun. Cliff-hangers will always be cliff-hangers.


More com than rom this episode, but nevertheless, enjoyable to the very end. Down to the very last second – literally.


It’s the return of the subs!

1. Preparations.

Everyone’s busily preparing for the upcoming school festival. Still.

2. Sushi and Pin.

3. The bet.

4. Pin, you're so encouraging.

Sparkles! …With sushi. Haha, Pin you’re so encouraging.

5. ∑(O_O;)Shock!!

6. Sigh.

Meanwhile, Kazehaya and Sawako are still upset about their situation.

7. Stareeeeeeeeee.

Now it’s his turn to stare from afar.

8. Don't ask why my cookies aren't like that.

Cookies! If only I was that skilled.


10. ;3

Despite all the work, the class spares time to celebrate Chizuru’s birthday. Ryuu, too, in his own way.

11. Chizu x Ryuu ~

Sigh. How I’ve missed the Chizu x Ryuu moments.

12. Ryu's present to Chizu.

Suits her perfectly – Ryuu’s present to Chizu

13. Well, I don't know.

Back to our heroine – she continues to ponder about feelings for Kazehaya. Sigh.

14. (O_O;)

And the time has come at last! …Along with a comical moment by Pin.

15. ...

At 00:01


At 01:00

17. Dead from ROFL.

At 01:01

From evil to good. Wow.

18. Indeed.

Later, Kent consults Sawako and comments on how he feels that she’s been putting a “wall” between Kazehaya and herself. Realisation strikes our heroine.

20. But the person I came to like...

21. ...wasn't a god, but a boy.


And the moment that everyone’s been waiting for draws near.

22. YAY!

23. Poor Kurumi.

Poor Kurumi. Poor, poor Kurumi. I pitied her so much at this moment, moreover, she was fully aware of Sawako’s intentions. Poor Kurumi.

24. I doubt you'll let her though, Yano-chin

I doubt you’ll let her though, Yano-chin.

25. ;(

If the person you loved, loved another, would you be able to them go for the sake of their happiness?


GOOOOOOOOO SAWAKO! We’ve been waiting.


28. (´∀`)

29. Todoke...

30. Todoke!

And cut. Literally, cause that’s how the producers like it.


I hate cliffhangers just as much as I love them. For this one, I’m tossing and turning between love and hate though it’s more likely the latter seeing as this episode’s end was almost as bad as having your computer crash last minute whilst you’re playing an intense game. Sigh.

…I’d hate for that to happen. DMC is hardcore.




Dun dun dun. Title says all.

– Serenata


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9 Responses to Kimi Ni Todoke 2nd Season Ep. 8 / Dun dun dun. Cliff-hangers will always be cliff-hangers.

  1. jacqivarius says:

    Oh, that’s perfect. Chaos;Head references as I’ll be blogging Steins;Gate tomorrow.

  2. Hmmm… Cliff-hangers.

    I haven’t seen the anime, but I’m an avid reader of the manga counterpart: does it follow the storyline well? I may consider picking it up and start watching it during the holidays. ;D

    • It does. Completely, to be exact. There are a few minor LOL moments t included but don’t really affect the show overall. Nevertheless, I’ll definitely recommend the anime for this one. Music and graphics are a major thumbs up. Though may have to be a bit patient towards the end of this 2nd season – a bit more…stretched than the manga.

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